Photo gallery

Photos by Sylvain St-Amand

Shanghai's new financial centre, Pudong.

The legendary Great Wall.

Futuristic skyline of Shanghai.

Early morning in Lahore, Pakistan.

Festive square in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Old tea house of Shanghai.

Beihai Park in Beijing.

Icy water of the St. Lawrence River in January - Montreal.

Tram descending from the Bratislava Castle.

Cold January day in Kiev.

Farmers on their way to the town market, Pakistan.

Early morning in Yalta, Ukraine.

Foggy morning over Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

Guard tower of the Forbidden City from Tian An Men Square.

Italian mansion of another time in Odessa, Ukraine.

Kiev Monastery steeples.

Nineteenth century monument in the port of Odessa, Ukraine.

On her way to work, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Peasants attending a fair in Chongquing, China.

School girls in the suburbs of Lahore, Pakistan.

View of Algiers from the surrounding hills.

View of the Forbidden City from Tian An Men Square.

Women working away in their sewing cooperative in Punjab, Pakistan.

Opera house in Bratislava.

Winter scene in Almaty, Kazakhstan.