List of PhD Theses


Author Title Supervisor Date

Ahmad Hammami

Fair values of securities and closed-end fund discounts

Steve Fortin Feb 2015

Jing Zhang

Two essays on corporate governance, asset securitization and accounting misstatement in the banking industry

Desmond Tsang

Oct 2015


Author Title Supervisor Date

Hugues Langlois-Bertrand

Asset pricing with return asymmetries

Vihang Errunza /
Peter Christoffersen

Oct 2014

Babak Lotfaliei

Essays on corporate risk and capital structure

Jan Ericsson /
Aytek Malkhozov

Oct 2014
Yan Wang

Three essays on corporate finance and financial institutions

Sergei Sarkissian /
Amrita Nain

Oct 2014

Amir Akbari

Three essays on empirical asset pricing

Francesca Carrieri

May 2016

Feng Jiao

Multi-market trading and its implication on liquidity and CDS spreads

Sergei Sarkissian

May 2016

Information Systems

Author Title



Fatou Farima Bagayogo

Three essays on users’ reactions to information technology

Liette Lapointe

May 2014

Hyelim Oh

Value creation in online social platforms: interplays between social media and business models

Alain Pinsonneault /
Animesh Animesh

Oct 2014
Salman Nazir

The effect of internal and external electronic integration on buisness unit agility

Alain Pinsonneault

Feb 2015

Bogdan Negoita

Strategic alignment, IT literacy, collective IS use: elements driving the IT value proposition.

Liette Lapointe

Feb 2015

Hani Safadi

Knowledge creation in health IT online communities

Samer Faraj

Feb 2015

Youngsok Bang

Impacts of mobile channel on e-commerce

Kunsoo Han

Oct 2015

Seyed Eshagh (Isaac) Ashraf Vaghefi

An investigation of the dark side of information technology use: three essays on IT addiction

Liette Lapointe

Feb 2016

Yasser Rahrovani

User innovation with IT as a second-wave innovation: A slack perspective

Alain Pinsonneault

Feb 2016

Diego Mastroianni De La Corte Institutional logics and governance of open source software ecosystems Samer Faraj Feb 2017


Author Title Supervisor Date

Alice Labban

The impact of food marketing on purchase and the moderating role of motivational quality and socio-economic status

Laurette Dubé /
Yu Ma, Alberta School of Business

May 2014

Robert Mackalski

The state and the union of brand measurement

Emine Sarigollu /
Bianca Grohmann (Concordia)

May 2014

Aida Faber

Mapping the role of attachment in eating behaviors

Laurette Dubé

Oct 2015

Sumitra Auschaitrakul

Two essays on marketplace interaction

Ashesh Mukherjee

May 2016

Wei-Lin Wang

The role of product line length for brands marketing horizontally differentiated products

Demetrios Vakratsas

Oct 2016


Zachary Mendenhall

Two essays on charitable behaviour

Ashesh Mukherjee

May 2017

Hajar Fatemi-Shariatpanahi

Two Essays on the Impact of Prosocial Behaviour of Firms on Preference for Products Through Evaluation of Long-term and Short-term Consequences

Laurette Dubé

Feb 2018

Operations Management  

Author Title Supervisor Date

Mohammad Ebrahim Nikoofal

Risk management under information asymmetry: applications in homeland security and supply disruption

Mehmet Gumus Feb 2015

Saied Samiedaluie

Strategic and tactical decision-making for inpatient admission and hospital bed allocation:  an application to neurology wards

Vedat Verter

Feb 2015

Paul Edward Intrevado

Design of long-term care facility networks

Vedat Verter

May 2016

P Judson Kenney

Information sharing behavior in assembly systems

Saibal Ray

Oct 2016

Hedayat Alibeiki 

Two Essays on Power and Information Asymmetries in Competitive Supply Chains

Shanling Li / Mehmet Gumus

Oct 2017

Cheng Zhu

Three Essays on Data-driven Models in Health Care Operations Management

Beste Kucukyazici  Feb 2018

Zhexiong Tao

Manufacturer's Responses to External Pressures: Power and Corruption

Saibal Ray / Shanling Li

Feb 2018

Organizational Behaviour 

Author Title Supervisor Date

Christine Bataille

Identity in transition: women's narrative identity work on the path to professional and mother

Mary Dean Lee Feb 2015

Sung Chul Noh

Seeking solidarity among the heterogeneous: Exploring the process of collective action in pluralistic organizations

Robert Hebdon /
Heather Vough

Oct 2015
Young Ho Song 

Three Essays on Customer Interpersonal Injustice and Frontline Employees' Corresponding Attitudinal and Behavioral Outcomes

Patricia Hewlin / Robert Hebdon Feb 2018
Hye Yeon Gong

Multiplex ties: The antecedents and consequences in knowledge sharing and covering depending on the tie formation order 

Brian Rubineau Feb 2018

Strategy & Organization 

Author Title Supervisor Date

Carlos Adrian Rodriguez Redondo

Global subunit specialization: an organizational perspective

Omar Toulan /
Y. Li /
T. Hafsi (HEC) /
Arie Lewin (Duke)

Feb 2015

Hermann Juergens

Competitive conditions and propensity to collaborate: a firm dyad investigation

Robert J. David /
Abhirup Chakrabarti

May 2015

Donghoon Shin

Three essays on strategic responses to institutional demands: explaining variation in new practice adoption

Ilya Okhmatovskiy / Robert David

Oct 2016

Natalia Aguilar Delgado

Resourcing for inclusion in transnational governance: the work of Indigenous Peoples in the Nagoya Protocol

Paula Perez-Aleman

Feb 2017

José Carlos Marques


A strategic management perspective on transnational private regulation: theory and evidence from the global apparel industry

Paula Perez-Aleman / Henry Mintzberg

May 2017

Johnny Boghossian

Artisans of Anthenticity: the Emergence and Growth of Markets for Artisan Cheese and Wine in Quebec

Robert David

 Oct 2017

Madhurima (Rima) Bhattacharyay

Modeling the Impact of Networks and Dependence on Male and Female Entrepreneurs in India

Jan Jorgensen

 Feb 2018

Derek Chan 

Understanding Dynamics of Equitable Market Transformation: the Case of Healthful Foods

Laurette Dubé / Jeroen Struben

Feb 2018


Author Title Supervisor Date

Michael G Klein

Analytical models for specialist care in rural areas

Vedat Verter

Feb 2017

Abdolmanaf Zargoush

An analytic framework for personalized treatment of chronic diseases with noisy measurement: application to hypertension management

Vedat Verter

May 2017

Mohammad Mehdi Ghotboddini

Analytical approaches to surgical unit management

Vedat Verter May 2017

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