Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour

Shaping the design and management of complex and evolving organizations.

Organizational Behaviour

The fundamental objective of the PhD specialization in Organizational Behaviour is to train world-class researchers in this field. The term "organizational behavior" refers to a collection of theory and research that focuses on individual and group attitudes, cognitions and behaviours in organizations.

The Faculty in the Area represent a mix of researchers from a variety of backgrounds. Some take a more cognitive, others a more practice-oriented approach in their research. All strive toward development of greater understanding of personal, interpersonal and organizational processes and thoughtful examination of issues that influence the management of people in complex and evolving organizations.

Current Area Research Topics

  • Work, occupations and careers
  • Diversity and social equality; identity
  • Leadership
  • Authenticity and conformity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational change
  • Arts and leadership
  • Social capital
  • Mental representations
  • Power relationships 
  • Management in developing countries

Specialization Requirements

Candidates are typically required to take four to six graduate level courses suited to the candidate's research specialization and needs.


Only Tenured and Tenure-Track faculty can supervise students

Please note that if you select an Assistant Professor as your supervisor, you will need a co-supervisor that has either Associate or Full Professor status.

Typical Courses

  • Seminar in Behavioural Science
  • Social Network Analysis for Social Science Research
  • The Use and Abuse of Power
  • Seminar in Qualitative Methods
  • Organizational Theory Seminar
  • Reading, Doing and Publishing Research in Strategy
  • Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • Research Methods in Management
  • The Theory & Practice of Organizational Leadership

Typical Support Fields

  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology


Doctoral students in the Organizational Behavior area would be considered for funding from a combination of sources.

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