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Success stories

Lily Ouyang

Through my classes and job in Desautels Capital Management, I developed a deep understanding of the technical mechanisms of finance and a stronger set of analytical tools. I learned the nitty gritty of different industries and sectors. I even watched my presentation skills improve dramatically. I came into the program thinking that I would focus on portfolio management or active investment, but through interacting with industry contacts that I’ve made through career services, I’ve realized that I’m better suited for consulting. As I prepare to launch my career, I’m confident that the MMF will equip me with everything I need to become an effective practitioner.

- Lily Ouyang, MMF'21


Katerina Paraschis

While working in corporate law, I realized that I wanted to fill the role of strategic advisor for clients, helping them succeed in the most critical moments of their business. The MMF program provided a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between law and finance in a realistic, fast-paced environment. I faced a steep learning curve at first, but it has been a satisfying experience to build a foundation of financial skills and knowledge in a very short period of time. I have especially appreciated the ways in which MMF faculty members and advisors are committed to creating a collegial environment for students to learn and gain practical experience. We have all the support we need to reach our full potential.

- Katerina Paraschis, MMF'21


Esteban Fernandez

When I realized that sales was not the right fit for me, I was searching for a way to pivot to finance. The MMF program offered the highly specialized financial training that I needed to take my career in a new direction. While the program is demanding, it’s rewarding to work with students who are equally motivated to succeed, and professors and administrators who are deeply invested in our success. For every new analytical tool we learn to use, for example, we receive multiple training sessions. I remember one time when MMF program staff were awake at four in the morning to deliver a training for students like me who were joining from different time zones. That’s the level of commitment they demonstrate.

- Esteban Fernandez, MMF'21


Alyona Pereslavtseva

I was never interested in following a defined career path where you do the same thing every day. I knew that a career in finance would provide the challenge I needed to stay engaged. I had never worked in a finance environment, but I trusted the MMF program to set me up for success. The practical and theoretical components of the program are designed in a way that prepares students for the realities of the workplace. As a risk management analyst for DCM, I started working on real problems on Day One. Now I can demonstrate to a future employer that I have learned by doing.

- Alyona Pereslavtseva, MMF'21


Aïcha Traoré

The fast pace of the one-year program challenged me, but it took me where I wanted to go. I had the opportunity to work as the Head of Risk Management for a DCM fund, which provided incredible hands-on experience in calculating market risk metrics and practicing risk management. Most of the questions I answered during my job interviews were related to the work I completed at DCM. Now I'm a senior analyst of market risk at the National Bank of Canada. With the help of the MMF program, I’m right where I want to be.

- Aïcha Traoré, MMF'20


Mitch McEwen

Thanks to the MMF program, I discovered my true passion for sustainable finance and environmental, social and governance (ESG). Through exploring the interface between finance and ESG in class and at Desautels Capital Management (DCM), the MMF program challenged me to think beyond the bottom line. My experience as the Chief Sustainability Officer for DCM’s Socially Responsible Investing Equity Fund gave me the ability to think holistically about the impact of investments through a social and environmental lens while building my network in Montreal, Toronto, and New York. The blend of theory and experiential learning set me up perfectly to launch my career.

- Mitch McEwen, MMF'20


Nicolas Genest

I chose the MMF program to access more opportunities within the industry. The program covers everything that’s possible within the world of finance. Everything I learned either applies directly to my current role or provides helpful context. Overall, my time in the MMF program was very similar to my current role in investment banking: intense yet highly rewarding, with a strong sense of camaraderie. Now, as an investment banking analyst at TD Securities, I can look back and see all the ways the MMF program prepared for success, from the investing experience at DCM to the heavy emphasis on collaboration.

- Nicolas Genest, MMF'18


Pratyaksha Yadav

I give a lot of credit to my cohort and professors for going out of their way to help me feel settled in Canada. Because the program is so international, I felt like I was on the same journey as my fellow students. While I had an interest in social impact, I didn’t know how to apply my passion until I connected with the Consulting Preparation Program (CPP) at Desautels. CPP was highly instrumental in presenting the opportunity to work on real consulting cases in workshop sessions, connect with MMF alumni in consulting, and prepare for interviews. With the help of the program, I landed a summer internship with Boston Consulting Group that turned into a full-time associate position. In my current role, I help clients solve problems that shape the future of their organizations and make a lasting impact.

- Pratyaksha Yadav, MMF'18


Fred Gatali, MMF'18

Coming from a finance background with little exposure to Capital Markets and no work experience in the industry, I needed an experience that would be both educational and, simultaneously, practical to become specialized in my field. The program provided me the tools to break into different fields and build a valuable network.

The program also provided me the tools to break into different fields that I did not know or had very little knowledge of, prior to the MMF program and I built a valuable network that I could rely on to start a promising career in finance.

- Fred Gatali, MMF'18

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