2019-2020 Cohort

2019-2020 Cohort

Arpit Agarwal

Arpit Agarwal | LinkedIn

Nikhil Agrawal

Nikhil Agrawal | LinkedIn

Florent Arès

Florent Arès | LinkedIn

Olivier Arsenault

Olivier Arsenault | LinkedIn

Noor Alaali

Noor Alaali | LinkedIn

Christy Barakat

Christy Barakat | LinkedIn

Keven Barré

Keven Barré | LinkedIn

Nazim Baza

Nazim Baza | LinkedIn

Claudio Cammuso

Claudio Cammuso | LinkedIn

Yang Chen

Yang Chen

Kaylyn Chrystian

Kaylyn Chrystian | LinkedIn

Ana Garcia

Ana Garcia | LinkedIn

Michelle Guo

Michelle Guo | LinkedIn

Guillaume Hervault

Guillaume Hervault | LinkedIn

Jared Holaday

Jared Holaday | LinkedIn

Mathilda Zixuan Jin

Mathilda Zixuan Jin | LinkedIn

Arthur Jolivet

Arthur Jolivet | LinkedIn

Bets Joseph

Bets Joseph

Roxanne Jousse

Roxanne Jousse

Mathew Kwan

Mathew Kwan | LinkedIn

Pier-Olivier Laflèche

Pier-Olivier Laflèche | LinkedIn

Wen-Ting Lee

Wen-Ting Lee | LinkedIn

Xinyi Li

Xinyi Li | LinkedIn

Bolei Liu

Bolei Liu | LinkedIn

Zhijun Liu

Zhijun Liu | LinkedIn

Felix Lu

Felix Lu | LinkedIn

Catherine Ma

Catherine Ma | LinkedIn

Celesta Mariam Mathew

Celesta Mariam Mathew | LinkedIn

Mitchell McEwen

Mitchell McEwen | LinkedIn

Daman Mody

Daman Mody | LinkedIn

Mark Moudabber

Mark Moudabber | LinkedIn

Yinka Odedeyi

Yinka Odedeyi | LinkedIn

Parker Olineck

Parker Olineck | LinkedIn

Christian Pettigrew

Christian Pettigrew | LinkedIn

Scarlett Shi

Scarlett Shi | LinkedIn

Min Su

Min Su | LinkedIn

Lakshay Syal

Lakshay Syal | LinkedIn

Aïcha Traoré

Aïcha Traoré | LinkedIn

Camille Tremblay

Camille Tremblay | LinkedIn

Zhixiu (Tim) Xie

Zhixiu (Tim) Xie | LinkedIn

Chen Xu

Chen Xu | LinkedIn

Fiona Wang

Fiona Wang | LinkedIn

Xinyan Wang

Xinyan Wang | LinkedIn

Anna Wastle

Anna Wastle | LinkedIn

Joshua Wolman

Joshua Wolman | LinkedIn

Yidi Wu

Yidi Wu | LinkedIn

Aamir Zargham

Aamir Zargham | LinkedIn

Eugenie Zhang

Eugenie Zhang | LinkedIn

Yuting Zhao

Yuting Zhao

Kerwin Zheng

Kerwin Zheng | LinkedIn


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