2018-2019 Cohort

Yasmine Abdellaoui

Yasmine Abdellaoui | LinkedIn

Emilio Acosta

Emilio Acosta | LinkedIn

Mathieu Brillon

Mathieu Brillon | LinkedIn

Arnold Cheung

Arnold Cheung | LinkedIn

Maud De Witte

Maud De Witte | LinkedIn

Josh Diamond

Josh Diamond | LinkedIn

Wenjia (Cindy) Duan

Wenjia (Cindy) Duan | LinkedIn

Wissam El Khatib

Wissam El Khatib | LinkedIn

Patrick Elliott

Patrick Elliott | LinkedIn

Ying Fan

Ying Fan | LinkedIn

Linghang Fang

Linghang Fang | LinkedIn

Jean-Baptiste Foult

Jean-Baptiste Foult | LinkedIn

Louis Goulet

Louis Goulet | LinkedIn

Zakaria Hammama 

Zakaria Hammama 

Nipun Kalra

Nipun Kalra | LinkedIn

Carl Kilajian

Carl Kilajian | LinkedIn

Jaewon Kim

Jaewon Kim

Yan Kobel

Yan Kobel | LinkedIn

Bertrand Leyrit

Bertrand Leyrit

Kaili Ma

Kaili Ma | LinkedIn

Loic Martel

Loic Martel | LinkedIn

Alexandra Melendez Lahura

Alexandra Melendez Lahura | LinkedIn

Yassine Nassiri

Yassine Nassiri | LinkedIn

Allan Obuchowski

Allan Obuchowski | LinkedIn

Qianqi Pan

Qianqi Pan | LinkedIn

Carlos Panozo

Carlos Panozo | LinkedIn

Pierre-Louis Patault

Pierre-Louis Patault | LinkedIn

Salman Rana

Salman Zia Rana | LinkedIn

Laura Santiago

Laura Santiago | LinkedIn

Corey Saxe

Corey Saxe | LinkedIn

Youssef Sennaji

Youssef Sennaji | LinkedIn

Parth Shah

Parth Shah | LinkedIn

Celec Soriano-Francis

Celec Soriano-Francis | LinkedIn

Jingying (Sue) Sui

Jingying (Sue) Sui | LinkedIn

Roy Sun

Roy Sun | LinkedIn

Garima Syal

Garima Syal | LinkedIn

Jiaqi Wang

Jiaqi Wang | LinkedIn

Shuoyao Wang

Shuoyao Wang

Yingting (Ariel) Wang

Yingting (Ariel) Wang | LinkedIn

Xiangyu Xiao

Xiangyu Xiao | LinkedIn

Yayu Xu

Yayu Xu | LinkedIn

Pratyaksha Yadav

Pratyaksha Yadav | LinkedIn

Bingfu (Brett) Yu

Bingfu (Brett) Yu | LinkedIn

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