2017-2018 Cohort

Riyad Allimamode

Riyad Allimamode | LinkedIn

Jordan Arnold-Andrasko

Jordan Arnold-Andrasko | LinkedIn

Sarah-Anne Brault

Sarah-Anne Brault | LinkedIn

Nicolas Claveau

Nicolas Claveau | LinkedIn

Raphaël Doyon

Raphaël Doyon | LinkedIn

Nika Fall | LinkedIn

Fred Gatali

Fred Gatali | LinkedIn

Nicolas Genest

Nicolas Genest | LinkedIn

Seyedali Ghaziasgar

Seyedali Ghaziasgar | LinkedIn

Joanie Grimard

Joanie Grimard | LinkedIn

Julie Hazard

Julie Hazard | LinkedIn

Yicheng Irvin He

Yicheng Irvin He | LinkedIn

Mario Hennessey

Mario Hennessey | LinkedIn

Wanyi Hu

Wanyi Hu | LinkedIn

Hao (Alex) Hua

Hao (Alex) Hua | LinkedIn

Shuaibo Huang

Shuaibo Huang | LinkedIn

Geetanjali Kanwar

Geetanjali Kanwar | LinkedIn

Adeetya Kaul | LinkedIn

Shivi Lakhtakia

Shivi Lakhtakia | LinkedIn

Zacharie LeBlanc

Zacharie LeBlanc | LinkedIn

Sheng Li

Sheng Li | LinkedIn

Mengdie Lyu

Mengdie Lyu | LinkedIn

Quan Nguyen

Quan Nguyen | LinkedIn

Dorart Piro

Dorart Piro | LinkedIn

Rock Regimbald

Rock Regimbald | LinkedIn

Mark-Anthony Sagaria

Mark-Anthony Sagaria | LinkedIn

Hagen M. Sagli

Hagen M. Sagli | LinkedIn

Simranjit Saluja

Simranjit Saluja | LinkedIn

Erika Savage

Erika Savage | LinkedIn

Jiayi Shen

Jiayi Shen | LinkedIn

Xinyue Shi

Xinyue Shi | LinkedIn

Yidan Song

Yidan Song | LinkedIn

Justin Spielman

Justin Spielman | LinkedIn

Jamie Steinmetz

Jamie Steinmetz | LinkedIn

Kevin Sun

Kevin Sun | LinkedIn

Yi Sun

Yi Sun | LinkedIn

Sarah Travis

Sarah Travis | LinkedIn

Gabriel Vincent-Girard

Gabriel Vincent-Girard | LinkedIn

Daoran Wang

Daoran Wang | LinkedIn

Siyun Wang

Siyun Wang | LinkedIn

Kevin Yulianto

Kevin Yulianto | LinkedIn

Xiang Zhang

Xiang Zhang | LinkedIn

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