2016-2017 Cohort

Razan Alobaidi

Razan Alobaidi | LinkedIn

Francis Arseneau

Francis Arseneau | LinkedIn

Mostafa Barakat

Mostafa Barakat | LinkedIn

Yilan Cai

Yilan Cai | LinkedIn

Hannah Cheng

Hannah Cheng | LinkedIn

Peiyao Dai

Peiyao Dai | LinkedIn

Jesse Ehrlick

Jesse Ehrlick | LinkedIn

Kisa Giebink

Kisa Giebink | LinkedIn

Mohamad Hijazi

Mohamad Hijazi | LinkedIn

Ting Huang

Ting Huang | LinkedIn

Yixiao Li

Yixiao Li | LinkedIn

Sarah McCullough

Sarah McCullough | LinkedIn

Sophie Mahdavi

Sophie Mahdavi | LinkedIn

Munjal Patel

Munjal Patel | LinkedIn

Anthony Rago

Anthony Rago | LinkedIn

Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma | LinkedIn

David Yan

David Yan | LinkedIn

Tina Yang

Tian (Tina) Yang | LinkedIn

Chengyu Zhang

Chengyu Zhang | LinkedIn

Gang Zhao

Gang Zhao | LinkedIn


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