MBA Core

At McGill, we recognize that the changing realities of the global workplace require robust, flexible, well-rounded leaders able to build and manage strong teams. To that end, we have redesigned the traditional first-year curriculum as an integrated, streamlined Core.

The Core is completed in one regular semester - running from late August to mid-December. Emphasizing proactive management and effective teamwork, the Core provides organizational and environmental context for the rest of the program - enabling cross-functional, whole-system, and integrative thinking.



Core components

The Core is comprised of five integrated modules, completed by all full-time students in the first (fall) term of the program.

  • Global Leadership provides a cross-disciplinary perspective on leading business issues, including international firm management, multicultural workforce management and sustainable development.
  • Business Tools lays out the foundational principles of various management tools.
  • Managing Resources introduces students to the issues of acquiring and developing financial capital and human talent. It also opens discussion of two largely-neglected forms of capital: natural and intellectual capital.
  • Value Creation explores the uses and development of the concept of 'value' from both demand and supply perspectives
  • Markets and Globalization examines how firms develop strategies to compete in an ever-globalizing marketplace.

An internal case competition takes place in the first Winter term, which brings together concepts learned during the Core.