René André Saux Segura


Classes were fun, engaging and laughter didn’t mean we had to sacrifice learning. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed knowing my peers as well as everyone in charge of this program. Passion and liveliness was constant throughout the program. Looking back, I wouldn’t have spent my Peruvian winter in any other way.

René André Saux Segura, ISP'2016
Universidad del Pacifico, Peru


Former students from the 2017 Cohort discuss the International Summer Program at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill.

Helen McGeorgeThe McGill Summer School completely exceeded my expectations, I loved every moment of it, although it flew by and will remember it for the rest of my life! Upon arrival all of the BCom staff have been incredibly nice and attentive and both professors have been lovely too. They know so much about their fields and it was a great to learn so much from them and get real life examples from their own experiences.

The trips that we went on were incredible and visiting Niagara falls and the surrounding area was one of my many highlights. It was great to be able to see different areas of Canada and find out what makes each place so unique.

The courses were very enjoyable and I learned a lot more than I thought I would in four weeks. It was great to meet new people from different cultures and it has opened my eyes more to the world which I have found very interesting and has made me want to travel more.

The City of Montreal has been a brilliant place to live for the past few weeks. Everyone has been so friendly and there is so much to do, with different parts of the city having a completely different atmosphere than other parts. Overall I have loved staying in Canada and going to the McGill International Summer Program, met some great people and I just with that I could spend longer here! 

-Helen McGeorge
University of Glasgow, Scotland

Scott Robert AndersonISP is a great experience from start to finish. It is a fantastic mix of fun and hard work. The courses are really great – the professors are enthusiastic experts, the material is up to date and the assessment are interesting. The weekend trips allow you to experience the best of the area and there is enough free time to really get to know the city. The organizers of the program make sure you feel really at home for the short time you are there. Montreal is a fun cultural background for the program – it is full of festivals, great bars and restaurants and amazing sights to see.

-Scott Anderson
University of Glasgow, Scotland

Ioana Miruna Antonescu PetrovThis has been by far the best and most wonderful academic experience I have ever had! The courses are very encouraging and interactive, the teaching methods are great and the professors have been by far two of the best I have ever met! I completely fell in love with Canada and Montreal!

I’m really happy I had the chance of taking part in this program and strongly encourage anyone interested to apply to actually do so and have one of the best experiences of their university years! 

-Ioana Miruna Antonesu Petrov
University of Glasgow, Scotland

Isabelle VegliantiI cannot recommend the ISP program enough! I have learned so much over the past few weeks and had such a fun time along the way!

The courses are taught by extremely passionate and engaging professors, who are experts in their field, yet remain so approachable and genuine.

I got to meet and work with like-minded and enthusiastic students, and we had a great time living together as well! The trips were really fun and well-organized. Zip lining over both Niagara Falls and Montmorency Falls were once in a lifetime experiences!

I have had the most incredible month in Montreal and felt extraordinarily welcomed by everyone at McGill and cared for by the program coordinators!

I have truly gained amazing memories, relevant academic and business insights and lasting friendships! 

-Isabelle Veglianti
University of Glasgow, Scotland

Kirsty MorrisThe ISP at McGill has been the best experience of my life so far. I have made friendships which I hope will last a lifetime and met so many amazing people. Educationally, the program is fantastic with great professors and course content. Seeing Canada for the first time has been extremely enjoyable and I would love to return to McGill for my graduate studies. ISP has been an opportunity of a lifetime and I will always remember my time in the beautiful city of Montreal!

-Kirsty Morris
University of Glasgow, Scotland

Qihui HuangThe International Summer Program of McGill University is really a good chance for you to experience and enjoy. Apart from academic knowledge that will be taught in class, you will also experience the social communication and team work with a truly international environment. Meanwhile, you will have chance to visit Canada including famous cities such as Montreal and Toronto, and some lovely small towns such as Kingston. And, your will meet a lot of friends from all over the world and learn from each other.

-Qihui Huang
The University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Victoria ReidStudying at McGill has been an amazing experience! The classes have been challenging but so interesting at the same time. The professors are very engaging and take an interest in all of the students in the program. Staying in downtown Montreal is a fantastic area to be in and we’ve really been immersed into life in Montreal! All of the weekend trips are well organized and a great way to see more of Canada. The ISP advisors are great at making you feel at home and are so friendly. They organize the best lunches as well! I have made so many friends on the program and everyone is so driven and hardworking but also great fun. This has been one of the best things I have ever done, would thoroughly recommend it! 

-Victoria Reid
University of Glasgow, Scotland

Chunyu JiaReally nice professor and nice team. I think this program is a good opportunity to communicate and know the culture of different countries.

Also, it’s a good way to improve my English level.

-Chunyu Jia
University of Macau


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