“I have been in a management role for some time, as have many doctors, but the opportunity to have training and experience that is relevant to that is very slim.  So in this course what you have is the chance to learn some skills that can take your management or leadership to the next level.”

Danny Sullivan
Acting clinical director, Forensicare


“Transformed me in my ways of thinking, doing, leading and managing.”

— Samuel Cuarto, Administrator, St. Camillus Home of Charity, Philippines


“Not a day goes by that I don't derive great value from my IMHL experience.”

—Jim Huntzicker, Head, Division of Management, Oregon Health and Science University

“I used something that I learned from the IMHL every day at work.”

— The late Dr. Terry Nan Tannenbaum, Head, Health Protection, Département de santé publique, Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal


“A completely different way of thinking.”

—Derek McNally, Vice President Patient Services, Chief Nursing Officer and Executive Lead Greater Niagara General Site, Niagara Health System

"This program gave me the confidence to take charge of my career and take some chances. And it really allowed me to say go for the executive job you are looking for. You have the skill set that surpasses a Harvard business school graduate…truly."

— Allan Ptack, IMHL’2015, M.S.W., M.Mgmt., National Director, Employee and Family Assistance Program – Stay at Work Services


“A very powerful experience that surpassed all my expectations.”

“Excellent thought-provoking presentations.”

—Eric Litvak, Scientific Director, Healthcare Management and Governance Laboratory, Montérégie, Canada

"I dare say now that I've found in IMHL what I was looking for: being able to put in place the ideas I had only dreamed of.”

—DR. John Strul, Psychiatrist and medical director, Vivalia - cup "LA CLAIRIÈRE" - Bertrix, Belgium


"A whole journey: impossible to separate academic, personal and work experience. A human point of view about teams, patients, learning and managing.”

—Hospital Manager, Mutual de Seguridad, Chile

"The lessons learned produced a fundamental change in my view which is deeply beneficial and which will endure.”

—Kathleen Ruddy, President, Breast Health and Healing Foundation, Medical Director (Breast Service), Clara Maas Meidcal Center, USA


"Complex material aimed at developing a critical mind.”

—Director, Clinical Activities, Douglas Hospital, Canada

"The IMHL does much more than teach students a managerial skill-set. It allows us to dive into the complexity of human relationships, whether by providing us very rich and thoughtful content, or by leading exceptional and innovative class workshops. I entered the IMHL as a clinician, and after the second Module was offered my first management position as Project Manager at Westmount Square Health Group (Montreal, Canada).”

—Myriam-Fournier-Tombs, Project Manager, Westmount Square Health Group


IMHL has been a life changing experience for me at a time when our organisation was going through a tremendous change both in terms of size as well as culture. It helped me grow as a professional by taking into account the global scenario of healthcare & how we could impact it by our all-inclusive affordable healthcare model which we had started in the Northeast India. Most importantly having Prof. Leslie as my advisor for my final paper helped me prepare a very useful tool to analyse the financial sustainability of our new healthcare model. All in all IMHL helped me shoulder the new responsibilities which I undertook in my organisation right after the program.”

—Satabdee Borah, CEO, GNRC Sixmile Hospital, IMHL’15


“I think the most striking thing about the IMHL group is that it brings together lots of diversity of opinions, age, cultural backgrounds. You know you have got the really experienced people and not so experienced people. You got people from other countries, you got people from developing countries and people from very advanced countries. And so I think that all of that really just gives you perspectives that you don’t get it in your working environment, when you are in the same place working with the same group people. I think it has been really valuable learning from the experienced folks and also from the folks who see things by the fresh eyes and aren’t constrained by whatever the experience has been in their lives so far.”

—Susan Devore, CEO Premier Healthcare Alliance, USA,  IMHL’10

“As a senior executive in the North American private and public health sectors, the IMHL’s managerial mindsets provided me with an effective framework for my work and supports the coaching and mentoring I undertake on behalf of emerging health leaders.  The discipline of self and group reflection has been integrated into my work and life - it’s an invaluable practice.  Finally, I’ve made lasting professional connections and friendships with health leaders from across the globe who participated in my IMHL cohort or are part of the broader IMHL alumni and faculty.  Despite having years of senior level management experience when I enrolled at McGill, the IMHL program provided new and valuable insights to sustain my career and take it in new directions!”

—Wendy Nelson, Health Systems Advisor and Entrepreneur, IMHL'14

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