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If I am a student from a province outside of Quebec, must I complete CEGEP?

No. CEGEP is intended for students from Quebec. Information on Admissions requirements can be found on the Applying to McGill web site.

I come from CEGEP. What prerequisite math courses do I need?

To be considered by the Desautels Faculty of Management, you will need the following math courses:

  • NYA (201-103)
  • NYB (201-203)
  • NYC (201-105)
  • OOUN 022X
  • OOUP 022Y
  • OOUQ 022Z

If I took Economics or Accounting in High School/CEGEP, will I be exempted from these courses at McGill?

Normally, students will not be exempted based on high school or CEGEP level courses. Students who feel they have a strong foundation in a particular subject may write mathematics and science placement tests at the time of their admission.

Is there an advantage to completing the Commerce program at CEGEP before entering the BCom?

Students do not receive credit or exemption from courses completed at CEGEP. Students who follow the Commerce program at CEGEP receive an introduction to many of the topics they will cover in their Bachelor of Commerce degree. Conversely, students who follow one of the other programs at CEGEP receive a more rounded, diverse background.

Is French a requirement at McGill?

No, French is not a requirement at McGill. Students who plan to be part of the Quebec business environment are reminded of the importance of competence in both written and oral French. Many non French-speaking students take the opportunity to hone their French skills while studying at McGill.

French speaking students can make arrangements to submit term papers and write examinations in French as outlined in the Handbook of Students Rights and Responsibilities, found on the Mcgill Secretariat web page.

Am I allowed to combine Majors in the Desautels Faculty of Management with the Faculty of Arts or Science?

No. Management students may only take the Majors programs offered by the Desautels Faculty of Management. These include Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Labour-Management Relations, Marketing, Mathematics, Organizational Behaviour & Strategic Management. Management students may however complete a Faculty of Arts or Science Minor.

When do I have to declare my Major/Concentration?

You should declare your major/concentration any time up to your second to last year. You will have the opportunity to meet with an advisor to discuss your options. Exceptions: The Major in Mathematics and Honours Economics programs must be declared in U1 (sophomore year) as the required Economics or Statistics courses are different for these students.

What Minors am I allowed to complete?

Students in the Desautels Faculty of Management are permitted to follow any of the minors available in the Faculties of Arts and Science.

What are the differences between the three Options of the BCom Program?

General Management, as the name indicates, is the most general of the options. Students may combine a Concentration (Management specialization) with a second Concentration, a Minor (from Arts or Science), or an approved set of Structured Electives.

Major or with Honours, offers the most focused study in one specific area. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credits (ten courses) within this option.

Faculty Program in International Management, offers students an in-depth study of a particular region of the world. While students in all three options can study abroad for one or more terms, the Faculty Program in International Management lends itself to this very easily.

Does the BCom program offer a co-op program?

No. Undergraduate BCom students can apply for a wide variety of employment opportunities and work with their Career Advisor to validate whether a particular opportunity will help them acquire the practical business experience needed to make important career choices. These employment opportunities are not a required component of the degree program. Students in the International Management Program may need to participate in an International Internship to fulfill their Experiential Learning Component.

Do I have to follow the Core courses according to the sequence listed in the calendar?

For the most part yes, especially in the first year. It is important to take the courses indicated in the first year since they are prerequisite to other courses. After the first year, course selection will vary depending on the concentration selected.

Can I complete my degree in less than the normal allotted time?

It is possible by taking summer courses, or an overload, to accelerate the completion of the degree. Students are not permitted to take an overload (more than 15 credits) in their first year, and may only do so in subsequent years, if their GPA on a full load of courses is 3.0 or better. One must take into consideration that course availability in the summer is limited.

What kind of universities does McGill have exchanges with?

Please visit the International Student Exchange Program Web site for detailed information.

What G.P.A. is required to transfer to McGill?

Information on Inter-Faculty and other universities transfers can be found on the Applying to McGill web site.

As a transfer student, what kind of advanced credits and/or standing will I receive?

Wherever possible, advanced standing will be granted by the Admissions Office at the time of acceptance. In many instances, however, courses have to be evaluated for content. This is done at the Faculty, when the student arrives. It is the student's responsibility to provide the appropriate professor or area coordinator with a detailed course outline, including the text(s) used.

What is the current Mature Student policy?

We do accept mature students in the BCom Program. Detailed information can be found on the Applying to McGill web site.

Can I obtain my degree from three certificates in Management as is the current policy in some of the francophone universities?

This option is not available at McGill University. Students in the Certificate of Management at Continuing Education considering a Bachelor's degree should apply into the Bachelor of Commerce program as early as possible.

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