Study away

Study Away refers to an academic activity where students independently pursue courses at a host institution and receive credits from the home university. Students apply to the host institution directly, paying their fees and following their deadlines.  List of Schools where BCom Students may participate in Study Away.

To be eligible, a student must:

  • Be a registered BCom student in the current academic year
  • Have a CGPA of at least:
    • 2.70 for study in the fall or winter terms
    • 2.00 for study in the summer term

Study Away Application Process

The following is a list of steps that you must follow before your Study Away Term in order to ensure that you will be granted McGill credits for the course taken at other institutions.

Step 1

Visit the McGill Course Equivalency System to verify if the courses you wish to take are already in the database. If the courses are not listed, you can Login, click Home and Submit a new Request. Please ensure course outlines to be reviewed contain the following detailed information: thorough description, breakdown of topics covered, method of evaluation and course materials, and credit weight and/or hours.

Step 2

After the courses have been assessed as equivalent;

  • Apply for Study Away in Minerva.
  • Fill out the Transfer Credit Assessment Form. 
  • E-mail the BCom Office at studentexchange.mgmt [at] that a form has been completed. Please include your student ID number and the country where you plan to study in your email.

Step 3

After the BCom Office has been notified, a BCom Exchange Adviser will review/approve the application for Study Away and  review/approve the  courses.

If you wish to add new courses, steps 1 to 3 must be followed again. In Step 2, you won’t need to reapply for Study Away. You will only need to add the courses to the existing Transfer Credit Assessment Form in Minerva.

Please note the following:

  • Please allow 5 to 7 business days for approvals.
  • Approval does NOT guarantee you will be able to get into your chosen course(s). 
  • No credits will be granted for online management courses. We will require proof that management courses are on campus courses before credits are granted.
  • A maximum of 6 credits will be granted for online non-management electives only. 
  • Students on US aid cannot receive any credits for online courses. Learn more
  • Statements of Purpose are required for Study Away in the fall and winter terms only.
  • The maximum number of credits that can be transferred includes: Exchange, Study Away (summer courses) and Inter University Transfer courses. A maximum of 12 credits for your major, 6 credits for your concentration or minor and 9 credits for management core from any institution other than McGill University. 
  • You are permitted a maximum of 6 credits of topics courses to count towards the complementary section of any specialization. The maximum total includes courses taken at McGill and other institutions.
  • The BCom Office makes all final decisions regarding course approvals.
  • Once all approvals are completed, a letter of permission will be generated. Please retain this letter since the information it contains may be required by the host institution.
  • You are responsible to have the host institution provide your home university with a copy of your Official Transcript of grades from your Study Away.
  • If you decide not to do your Study Away, you must inform the BCom Office in writing. Failing to do so may delay graduation.
  • Courses cannot be taken pass/fail. You will receive a grade from the host school which will transfer as credits on your McGill transcript. Grades will not be calculated into your McGill GPA.
  • Students intending to pursue the CPA program should be aware that accounting courses approved by the BCom office and taken away may not meet the requirements for the CPA program. It is your responsibility to verify course requirements with the specific order where you plan to complete your CPA. 
  • Minor courses: Must be approved by the minor adviser once the equivalency is determined. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you meet the McGill BCom requirements for all courses taken.