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Below are some experts from McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management who can provide comments to media on specific topics around COVID-19. Searching for an expert from Desautels not listed here? Contact leilani.ku [at] (Leilani Ku) (Associate Director, Communications) or nicole.richardson [at] (Nicole Richardson) (Communications Associate).

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Patrick Augustin

Assistant Professor, Finance

Economic growth shocks have a disproportionate impact on countries with low fiscal capacity.

patrick.augustin [at] (English, French)

Leslie Breitner

Senior Faculty Lecturer, IMHL Academic Director, IMPM Academic and Module Director, GROOC Co-Creator, Accounting Area

There are "blind spots" during the current pandemic, some on the part of the government, in the health care sector. The current work of our group of physicians and other health care professionals in the International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) program is focused on health care delivery in rural settings as well as the experimentation of allowing medical school residents to help in the Emergency Departments of rural hospitals.

leslie.breitner [at] (English)

Lisa Cohen

Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour
  • The startup industry is being particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many across the world experiencing declining sales, halted product development, and investors pulling out. Despite an industry in need, startups are often not included in government bailout plans.
  • The massive job losses and the move to remote are only some of the ways that COVID is affecting work and employment. New tasks are being arranged into new and existing jobs. Processes for hiring are being reformulated. Casual interactions are taking new shapes.

lisa.cohen2 [at] (English)

Charles de Brabant

Executive Director of the Bensadoun School of Retail Management

How can retail leaders navigate the path to recovery as we begin to reopen our economies?

charles.debrabant [at] (English, French)

Dror Etzion

Associate Professor, Strategy & Organization

COVID-19 is an opportunity to reset the Canadian economy, to make it more socially just and environmentally sustainable. A huge, often overlooked, constituency is small and medium enterprises (SMEs). They are well-positioned to offer Canadians the products and services they need in a way that supports society and restores planetary health.

dror.etzion [at] (English, Hebrew)

Ruslan Goyenko

Associate Professor, Finance

The future of education will change along with traditional Finance risk models to forecast market turbulence.

ruslan.goyenko [at] (English, French)

Patricia Hewlin

Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour; Ombudsperson for Students at McGill

Employees and society overall are in critical need of leaders who are skilled at connecting to people in a meaningful way—allying concerns, showing empathy and building cohesiveness. Leaders who have placed these skills on the lower end of their priorities are now finding themselves lacking in their ability to effectively lead. For all leaders, this is an opportunity to develop a prowess to connect with others in a more meaningful way. Honing interpersonal skills and leading with heart will be critical to generating solutions in business and society.

patricia.hewlin [at] (English)

Matissa Hollister

Assistant Professor, Organizational Behaviour
  • High-tech firms are using AI to better understand and combat COVID-19.
  • Physical distancing, while essential to combating the spread of COVID-19, does not mean social distancing. Spatial isolation cannot and should not require us to put everything on hold. Instead, it challenges us to rethink and reinvent what it means to lead socially and economically vibrant lives in this new context.

matissa.hollister [at] (English)

Shoeb Hosain

Faculty Lecturer, Operations Management; Program Director, MMA Program
  • All businesses will need to be leaner/more efficient, and they can do so using analytic processes and data driven insight generation
  • Hiring the next generation of workforce will require a combination of technical expertise while being able to think laterally
  • The workplace will go back to the 'old normal' as soon as a majority of the populous gets vaccinated

Shoeb.hosain [at] (English)

Yu Ma

Associate Professor and Area Coordinator, Marketing

COVID forced consumers to make radical changes in their lives. In many cases these changes will become permanent. The profound changes in consumer behavior and the new economic reality are accelerating the digital transformation and the application of automation in the retail sector. Retailers have to embrace these changes to survive and thrive. [at] (English)

Karl Moore

Associate Professor (Professional), Strategy & Organization

Based on his research base on Introverts/Ambiverts/Extroverts as C Suite Leaders, Karl has been writing about how introverts/ambiverts/extroverts have been reacting to the lockdown and our new ways of working on teams from home. He also has written about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on Generation Zs based ideas in his soon out book, It’s OK, Boomer: How to Effectively Work With Millennials/Generation Z to be published by the McGill-Queen’s University Press.

karl.moore [at] (English)

Elena Obukhova

Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization

Peer relationships help Montreal nascent entrepreneurs stay resilient in the face of multiple challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

elena.obukhova [at] (English)

Jean-Nicolas Reyt

Assistant Professor, Organizational Behaviour

Business leaders are increasingly considering remote work as an alternative to colocated work to reduce their real estate footprint. Managers who have no experience with remote workers face important challenges, such as monitoring performance, maintaining employee motivation, and onboarding new team members. Organizations need to redefine what "management" means in a world where employees work remotely.

jean-nicolas.reyt [at] (English, French)

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