Profiles List

Kwangjun An

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Competitive Strategy, Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory, Social Networks, Strategic Management

Dror Etzion

Title: Associate Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Financial Institutions, Organizational Theory, Performance Measurement, Social Innovation, Strategic Management, Sustainability Accounting, Sustainable Development

Saku Mantere

Title: Associate Professor of Strategy & Organization; Director, Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management
Research areas: Health Management, Integrated Management, Organization Identity, Organizational Theory, Strategic Management, Strategy Process

Saurabh Mishra

Title: Associate Professor, Marketing; Desautels Faculty Scholar, Director - McGill Institute of Marketing
Research areas: Brand Equity, Branding, Corporate Social Responsibility, Data Analytics, Empirical/Behavioral Operations Management, Forecasting Methods & Regression Modelling, Marketing-Finance Interface, Marketing Research Techniques & Survey Methodology, Outsourcing Strategy, Performance Measurement, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management