Profiles List

Kwangjun An

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Competitive Strategy, Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory, Social Networks, Strategic Management

Anand Bhardwaj

Title: PhD Student, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Organizational Theory, Strategic Management, Technology's Role in Organizations

Matthew Corritore

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Alternative Work Arrangements, Culture & Consumption, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory

Daphne Demetry

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Culture & Consumption, Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory

Dror Etzion

Title: Associate Professor, Strategy & Organization
Academic title(s): Desautels Scholar
Research areas: Financial Institutions, Organizational Theory, Performance Measurement, Social Innovation, Strategic Management, Sustainable Development

Samer Faraj

Title: Professor
Academic title(s): Canada Research Chair in Technology, Innovation & Organizing, SSHRC (Tier 1) Director, Desautels Phd Program Associate Member, Department of Social Studies of Medicine
Research areas: Health Management, Healthcare Collaboration, Innovation Management, Integrated Management, IT in Healthcare, Organizational Theory, Social Innovation, Technology & Innovation, Technology's Role in Organizations

Arvind Karunakaran

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: Economic Sociology, Future of Work, Organizational Theory, Professions & Occupations in the Digital Age, Technology's Role in Organizations

Anna Kim

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization — Sustainability
Research areas: Organizational Theory, Social Enterprise, Sustainable Development

Saku Mantere

Title: Associate Professor of Strategy & Organization; Director, Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management
Research areas: Health Management, Integrated Management, Organization Identity, Organizational Theory, Strategic Management, Strategy Process

Elena Obukhova

Title: Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Research areas: China, Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Future of Work, Global Careers & Job Search Strategies of High-skilled Workers, Labour Force & Labour Market, Organizational Theory, Social Networks, Women as Global Leaders & Managers

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