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Michel Neray

Chief Differentiation Officer, The Essential Message

Michel Neray combines a science degree of University of Waterloo, an MBA from McGill University, over 25 years of experience as a creative marketing copywriter, and a career as a senior sales and marketing executive of a publicly traded company. He also has a lifetime of observation of human motivation and psychology and is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This unique blend of perspectives is at the core of his ability to help both his corporate and individual clients discover and communicate their greatest value and differentiation.

The results extend beyond traditional measures of higher sales, market penetration and greater brand equity; the work that Michel does also increases the confidence and motivation that only come from being consciously aware of your strengths and purpose – both as a business as well as an individual.

This is especially valuable for business leaders since their lives and business are often inexorably intertwined. The culture, vision and competitive advantage of the business often precisely mirror the unique strengths, perspective and values of the individual behind it.

As a motivational speaker, Michel empowers his audiences to dig deeper than the usual marketing messages to access a well of meaning and purpose that drive sales as much as they drive productivity, engagement, resilience and cooperation/collaboration. Michel has spoken in more than seven countries, including both Iran and Israel, (though not on the same trip).

His highly creative approach and lively, energetic presentation style instantly engage audiences and enable them to see their lives, career and business with fresh eyes and a new mind.

Michel has worked with major corporations including Honda, Volvo, Upjohn, Alias-Wavefront, Nikon, The Royal Bank, The Quaker Oats Company, Marathon Brokerage, Guardian Mutual Funds, Mackenzie Financial and many, many others — big and small.

An online pioneer, Michel was one of the first marketing professionals to embrace the Internet by building websites as early as 1993. Michel co-authored “The Great Crossover: Personal Confidence in the Age of the Microchip”, which made it to Jack Canfield’s Achiever’s Recommended Reading List. In 2005, his chapter, “Everything Starts With A Conversation” was selected as the lead for the book, “Sales Gurus Speak Out” and re-published in 2008 for ‘Awakening The Workplace Volume 3′.

He’s married with three children, two dogs, three snowboards, a whitewater canoe and a third-degree black belt in Karate.

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