2018 Prize

ReMIXed (Small & Medium Enterprise Track)


Shortlisted teams

reMIXed (Small & Medium Enterprise Track)

reMIXed transforms the concept of traditional trail mixes by introducing dehydrated beans and re-purposed fruit, providing an affordable alternative that combats food waste.

HumaNuts/Cajou (Social Enterprise Track)

Our vision at HumaNuts/Cajou is to be the largest premium cashew processor and trader in Ivory Coast and to provide sustainable and attractive income opportunities to local farmers and their families.

Foodoc (Health Sciences Track)

Foodoc is a C2C telehealth platform that connects Canadian dietitians with clients throughout the world.

JPondE (Small & Medium Enterprise Track)

JpondE is a food company that produces, processes and delivers African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) products mainly for African Cuisine in Canada. These catfish products are delivered fresh, smoked and dried, or mashed.

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