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The center's development of a vision is a continuing effort. Currently the vision is centered on contribution to society through theoretical and applied research projects.

This vision provides direction for defining new initiatives and for suggesting benchmarks to measure the Center's progress.

The research center's intention is that, within five years, it will have significant accomplishments in the following areas:


The Center sponsors initiatives to support high quality research. Members of the Centre conduct research primarily under the following themes: institutional change, globalization challenges, sustainability, and mindset management.

Current projects supported include:

Books by Prof. Henry Mintzberg

The Flying Circus : Tales of a Tormented Traveler

The Flying Circus : Tales of a Tormented Traveler

Author: Henry Mintzberg
Paperback, 160 pages
Publisher: Cyan Communications (September 2005)
ISBN: 1904879489

Published books

Ethical Leadership

Authors:Manuel Mendonca and Rabindra N. Kanungo
Paperback / Hardback
Publisher: Open University Press, Maidenhead (2007)
ISBN: 0335216994 / 0335217001