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Master of Business Administration Concentration in Global Strategy and Leadership

Drawing on a variety of cross-disciplinary courses, including strategy, organizational behaviour, entrepreneurship and international business, this concentration provides students with an integrated perspective on leading business issues. Students are prepared for the challenges posed by a globalizing marketplace and develop the skills valued by employers in the consulting, business development, project management, and related fields.


Faculty in the Finance area teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. For a complete listing of courses, please see the following:

PhD Specialization in Finance

The McGill PhD Program in Management provides students with a unique post-graduate educational experience that facilitates exposure to a variety of research approaches and interests, and to the combined resources of four top Montreal universities.

This collaborative program, offered in conjunction with Concordia University, École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) of the Université de Montréal, and Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), provides McGill students with access to over 250 professors and to a full array of courses taught in both English and French.

Master of Business Administration Concentration in Finance

Mentors: Prof. R. Goyenko

The Finance concentration emphasizes on how firms raise capital and on the optimal allocation of capital for investments. Students gain expertise in three subfields of finance - banking, corporate finance and investments. They gain an understanding of the functions related to corporate fund management and investment decision-making. This concentration prepares students for multiple careers, including investment banking, corporate finance, corporate treasury, asset management or risk management, among others.

Bachelor of Commerce Joint Honours in Economics and Finance

Mentors in Finance: Profs. Matthieu Bouvard and Laurent Barras

Mentors in Economics: Please consult the Economics Department website.

The BCom Joint Honours in Economics and Finance requires the completion of 30 credits of Honours Economics courses (9 credits of which are counted as Core credits) and 24 credits in Finance. This program is designed to take advantage of both McGill's Finance and Economics course offerings to produce a student who is well trained in these two complementary areas.

Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Investment Management

For more information about the Honours in Investment Management program, please click here

Mentors: Profs. Jan Ericsson and Vadim di Pietro

The course structure has been designed so that in U2 students will gain the knowledge base needed to be a financial analyst, as well as gain an introduction to investment management.

Bachelor of Commerce Concentration in Finance

Mentors: Profs. Matthieu Bouvard and Laurent Barras

This concentration has been designed to provide understanding of key concepts in finance theory, financial institutions, investment analysis, risk management, and applied techniques. Graduates find a strong demand among financial organizations, governments, and non-financial firms where they pursue careers which lead to positions such as Managing Partner, Treasurer and V.P. Finance.

Bachelor of Commerce Major in Finance

Mentors:Profs. Matthieu Bouvard and Laurent Barras

The 30-credit Finance major has been designed to meet the increasing demand for expertise in this rapidly growing functional area of business. The major is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of finance theory, financial institutions, investment analysis, risk management, and applied techniques. Employment for graduates is most often obtained in investment and commercial banking, manufacturing and service firms, non-profit organizations and governments, and non-financial firms.