Our faculty members conduct research on a variety of issues related to Operations Management. Below is a list of some ongoing research projects/topics. Applied Statistics

Doctoral Students

Contact Information Amir Akbari Email: amir.akbari [at] mail.mcgill.caRoom: Chang Hu Email: [at] mail.mcgill.caRoom:  Feng Jiao


Members of the Finance discipline are actively involved in the Desmarais Global Finance Research Centre. 


The SEI's research-related goal is to conduct leading-edge research into the social economy for the purpose of actionable knowledge. Over one third of our professors' research topics relevant to...

The Person Inside the Present: Narcissists Buy to Big Themselves Up

Published: 2Jan2013

Christmas is around the corner and many of us will be thinking of what to buy our loved ones (or ourselves) this festive holiday....

Desautels Professor Liette Lapointe publishes one of the Best Articles in Medical Informatics

Published: 25Sep2012

Professor Liette Lapointe's article was selected by the Editorial Board of the 2012 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics as one of the best articles from the literature in medical informatics...


The center's development of a vision is a continuing effort. Currently the vision is centered on contribution to society through theoretical and applied research projects. This vision provides...