Desmond Tsang“McGill (and Desautels) is a well-renowned institution. I like it here because of the diversity and variety of research, and that we have some of the best students in Canada and in the world.

Also, Montreal is a world-class city with reasonable housing costs, a high quality of living and last but not least, excellent food! ”

Desmond Tsang, Associate Professor, Accounting



Laurent Barras“My experience at McGill has been extremely gratifying. The university has offered me an intellectually stimulating environment that allowed me to establish myself as a serious researcher, an efficient teacher, and a dedicated colleague. It has also emphasized a set of core values I could adhere to—the ambition to combine high-quality research and teaching, and the view that academic excellence should not be achieved at the expense of collegiality. Finally, it has offered me a friendly environment in which I have always felt positive and energized.”

Laurent Barras, Associate Professor, Finance

Organizational Behavior

Lisa Cohen“I had been an assistant professor in Organizational Behavior at London Business School and living in London for nearly four years.  Before that I had taught at four other business schools and lived in six different major metropolitan areas in the US. I had a very clear sense of what I wanted: a school where the type of research I did would be valued, faculty whose approach to research and interests fit with mine, students who believed that the human side of management was critical, and all of this in an urban location that offered me choices about how I spent my time outside of work. I have found all of this at Desautels and in Montreal.”

Lisa Cohen, Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior



DaHee Han“I chose the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University because it is a research-oriented school and provides excellent research resources. The teaching load makes it easy for me to pursue my research actively. The school has given me the opportunity to work alongside good colleagues who value research and teach exceptional students from all across the world.”

DaHee Han, Associate Professor, Marketing


Sebastien Betermier“I chose McGill and Desautels for a diverse set of reasons. The open and collegial academic environment and the availability of research grants in Canada make it possible to undertake risky but high impact research projects.  The students are incredibly smart, hard-working and represent the best in Canada. Montreal has the advantage of being bilingual and it is a good place to raise children.”

Sebastien Betermier, Associate Professor, Finance


Operations Management

“I decided to come to McGill based on four factors: location; people; resources; and teaching.

I've always wanted to live in Montreal since I first visited 12 years ago. In my opinion, Montreal is one of the top three cities in the world and differentiates itself from other "great cities" because of its bilingual nature. You can witness the city’s cultural richness in the way that people alternate between English and French seamlessly, as well as in Montreal’s nightlife and cuisine.

Juan Serpa, Associate Professor, Operations Management

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In terms of people, McGill is a fun and inviting place to work at. My peers all publish in top journals, give advice when I need it, and recognize the importance of research. In fact, my first journal publication originated from a meeting with Mehmet Gumus (our area coordinator), who visited UBC in 2011 when I was a second year PhD student. During his visit, Mehmet sat with me and showed me a few directions to explore in my research. Since then, he and I continue to discuss our research and keep in contact. Further along, I got to know Saibal Ray and Vedat Verter at a personal level, which only affirmed the warm and collegial nature of the Faculty.

I was also given access to great resources, which ranged from a modern office (with an unbeatable mountain view), to a competitive salary and a topnotch research budget. Furthermore, McGill is considered among the top universities in the world and boasts an outstanding reputation. We also benefit from firsthand attention from businesses and the private sector in Canada. As someone who works with data, this means a wealth of possibilities.

Finally, teaching at Desautels is a pleasure! We have a low teaching load that is comparable to any leading university. However, most significantly, our undergraduate students typically have an entrance GPA in the mid 90s. This means that you will have extremely ambitious students, most of whom were the top of their class and are motivated to work and learn. Given the amount of time that I dedicate to teaching, this makes a big difference and should not be overlooked.

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