Disruption in the Workplace: Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century

Yann LeCun

Is AI coming for your job?

Watch the Leadership Dialogue between Yann LeCun and Matissa Hollister on disruption in the workplace and the world of deep learning.

A Leadership Dialogue with YANN LECUN, Director of AI Research, Facebook, and Silver Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Data Science, New York University, and MATISSA HOLLISTER, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University.

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​Topics Discussed

  1. The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence (9:13)

  2. Taking Artificial Intelligence to Tasks (20:22)

  3. Artificial Intelligence in Context (29:20)

  4. Careers in Artificial Intelligence (38:43)

  5. Preparing for the Future (45:41)

About the event

Date: October 11, 2017 – 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Location: Centre Mont-Royal, 2200 Rue Mansfield, Montréal, QC, H3A 3R8

Is AI coming for your job? The introduction of new technologies has disrupted and transformed job markets for centuries, most notably during the industrial revolution. Today artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous technology are changing most workplaces and shifting the ground beneath jobs that were once considered stable, with repercussions across all economic sectors. To provide insight into the world of deep learning, the Desautels Faculty of Management is delighted to welcome Yann LeCun, Director of AI at Facebook and Silver Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Data Science at NYU, for an Integrated Management Symposium. Professor LeCun will reflect with Prof. Matissa Hollister from the Organizational Behaviour Area at Desautels on the future of work and careers in the face of advancing technological capabilities.

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