Research and Practice

Sustainability Researchers at Desautels

Many Desautels faculty, graduate students, and alumni are working in areas relating to sustainability and responsible management. Explore the profiles of our Faculty members, PhD students, and Desautels Global Experts

Interdisciplinary Network for Green Chemistry

The Interdisciplinary Network for Green Chemistry (IN4GC) links scholars who share an interest in green chemistry and, specifically, its broader business, economic, academic, social and political implications as well as its role in achieving the societal goal of sustainability. Its mission is to provide a forum for ongoing dialogue between social scientists and chemists who seek to catalyze, through innovative research and education, the implementation of green chemistry principles throughout the global chemical enterprise. By assembling a critical mass of social science and chemistry expertise, it facilitates multi-institution collaborations and provides a banner for launching novel interdisciplinary research and teaching initiatives. 

Meet the CREATE professors and students in green chemistry at McGill as they explain what they do and why they do it. This video was created by undergraduate student Vanessa Chazelle (Moores group), with funding from CREATE.