The SEI's research-related goal is to conduct leading-edge research into the social economy for the purpose of actionable knowledge.

Over one third of our professors' research topics relevant to the social economy, including:

  • Institutional entrepreneurship
  • Cooperatives in developing countries
  • Corporate governance in society
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Individual and collective choice impacting health, wellbeing and sustainable prosperity
  • Clean technology

A major research initiative overseen by the SEI is the Social Innovators’ Integration Lab (SIIL). SIIL is a shared observatory for social innovation and entrepreneurship within the Quartier de l’innovation (QI) district, a recently designated innovation ecosystem in Montreal, QC. SIIL will establish a long-term presence for McGill researchers, students, and practitioners to work alongside local social economy organizers, with the overarching goal to develop a better understanding of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. To learn more about SIIL, please visit here.

In addition to the MDIIM, the Desautels Faculty of Management has several research centres that support social economy-related activities, including: