Winter 2018

Winter 2018

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Bridging Community-based and Business Research into Viable Social Businesses - MDIIM Winter 2018

Bridging Community-based and Business Research into Viable Social Businesses

The project aims to integrate knowledge on community food interventions and innovations in Quebec by bridging the gap between community-based research and business research. A multidisciplinary team of researchers has partnered with entrepreneurs from the community to understand whether this knowledge is being translated into viable social businesses. 

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Nii Addy, Valentine Touzeau, and Veronica Chen - IM Student Fellows Winter 2019

Professor Nii Addy

Nii Addy is Assistant Professor (Research) in the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, where he also conducts research at the McGill Center for the Convergence of Health and Economics (MCCHE). Dr. Addy is an Affiliate Member of McGill’s Institute for the Study of International Development (ISID).

Dr. Addy’s work focuses on effecting sustainable organizational and institutional change through multi-stakeholder partnerships spanning societal sectors (public, private and civil society) and industrial sectors (education, nutrition, health, agriculture, etc.)

Praveen Shivashankar - MBA

Originally from India, Praveen Shivashankar is currently completing his MBA in Business Analytics. He was an MDIIM student associate from 2016-17. He is actively involved in various analytics initiatives, including organizing two sessions of DataDives that brought together students from various disciplines to evaluate data for NGOs in Montreal. Praveen is a published author and is interested in arts, literature, theatre, and Indian Classical vocal music. Praveen’s role was to leverage data analytics to draw insights that are actionable for the partner organizations involved.

Valentine Touzeau - BCom

Valentine is a second-year BCom student in Strategic Management and International Business. By volunteering as part of McGill’s EXCler program, she discovered the potential of social business and their reach in the community. Although she grew up in France, she hopes to broaden her horizons and work in an international setting solving social issues and contributing to the global development of promising companies and projects. In this project, she worked with stakeholders from different sectors in order to analyze their data and develop solutions to improve the management of their various resources.


"I was able to work, as part of team, on a project that matters to me and gave me the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, community organizations and passionate individuals who share the same vision as me and offered me new perspectives on certain matters. Being part of this fellowship made me realize how what I learn in the classroom can be applied in "real life" and gave me a sense of what I can expect in my future career."
Valentine Touzeau - BCom

"It is a great opportunity to work with a diverse and amazing team of professors and colleagues. It helps take the classroom learning outside into the community and truly make a difference!"
Praveen Shivashankar - MBA

Healthcare and Optimal Resource Allocation - MDIIM Winter 2018

Healthcare and Optimal Resource Allocation

The project looks at the typical treatment pathways followed by cancer patients and the factors contributing to deviations from this path. After analyzing the presence of regional and local hospitals and health care facilities to understand the optimal allocation for facilities in these areas the Fellows will study the optimal resource allocation at the patient, organizational, and societal level. The project benefits from collaboration with the CISSS de Laval which is providing data and medical expertise on the project.

Kartik Ganju, Vedat Verter, Arpit Jasm, Ulrike Wachter - MDIIM Winter 2018

Professors Kartik Ganju and Vedat Verter

Kartik Ganju joined the Faculty of Management in fall 2016. He received his doctorate in Business Administration from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. He has a Masters degree in Operational Research from the London School of Economics and a Bachelors degree in Statistics from Delhi University. Professor Ganju's research examines the impact of IT on healthcare and societal issues.

James McGill Professor Vedat Verter is the Editor-in-Chief of Socio-Economic Planning Sciences
. He is the Founding Director of the Canada-wide NSERC CREATE Program on Healthcare Operations & Information Management
. He serves as Director of the McGill MD-MBA Program. Dr. Verter's research interests include supply chain design, reverse logistics, transportation of hazardous materials and healthcare operations management.

Arpit Jasm - MBA

Arpit Jasm is a medical doctor from India, with five years of clinical experience across private and public healthcare sectors. He was the co-founder of a healthcare start-up that explored the opportunities in medical second opinions. His passion for learning new skills and reaching innovative solutions to contemporary healthcare issues brought him to McGill for his MBA in Global Strategy and Leadership. Upon completion, he looks forward to working in strategy development and clinical operations in the Healthcare sector.

Ulrike Wachter - BCom

Ulrike Wachter is currently completing a BCom triple concentration in Finance, Business Analytics, and Strategic Management. During her time at McGill, she has been involved in several student clubs and leadership positions: she is a Project Manager at JED, North America’s first student-run consulting group. Originally from Germany, she has lived in several different countries including India, Greece, and the United Kingdom. She hopes to pursue a career in strategy consulting.


"The most rewarding part is coming out of the experience with something tangible, like a report, an analyzed data file, or an event that was well executed. This can prove to be of huge value from a learning perspective but also for something to put on your resume, as these kind of skills are exactly what employers are looking for in business students."
Ulrike Wachter - BCom

"It is a platform for you to prepare yourself for the real-world, before you actually enter it. The projects were well thought of and covered all major aspects of the contemporary world. The students get an opportunity to work in teams with MBA/B.Com students and the work is quite challenging. This opportunity should not be missed and shall be considered as a launchpad to help yourself build industry contacts and establish yourself in the job market."
Arpit Jasm - MBA

Women, Aboriginal, and Minority Entrepreneurs in Supply Chains - MDIIM Winter 2018

Research Design for Women, Aboriginal, and Minority Entrepreneurs in Supply Chains

This research project takes a stakeholder’s approach to better understand the challenges that are faced by women, aboriginal, and minority suppliers. Through the development and analysis of numerous interviews with corporate directors, leaders of non-profit organizations, and legislators, the professor and Fellows look to understand the role and experience of “change agents” involved in supplier diversity programs in Canada. This work will contribute to an academic paper that will increase awareness on the subject and promote diversity in supply chains.

Patricia Hewlin, Sandra Chang, Haoran Wang - MDIIM Winter 2018

Professor Patricia Hewlin

Patricia Faison Hewlin joined McGill University in 2010. She conducts research on how organization members and leaders engage in authentic expression, as well as factors that impede authenticity in every day work interactions. Her research has centered on employee silence, and the degree to which members suppress personal values and pretend to embrace those of the organization, a behavior she has termed as “creating facades of conformity”. With the support of Canada's Social Science and Humanities Research Council, Professor Hewlin's research has expanded to studying the role of authenticity and values among diverse organizational leaders and entrepreneurs in Canada, US and Asia.

Sandra Chang - MBA

Sandra Chang is a first-year MBA candidate completing a dual concentration in Strategy and Finance. She has five years of experience across multiple sectors including entrepreneurship, civil society, and education, and has led several social impact projects. Sandra is determined to use her business skills to create value for society by combining developmental impact with economic sustainability. She is originally from Peru, has traveled to more than 15 countries, and is a big soccer fan.

Haoran Wang - BCom

Haoran Wang is a second year BCom student, studying International Management and Business Analytics with a minor in Psychology. He is passionate about integrating technology and business initiatives in different settings and the future of social innovation in a global context. Outside of the academic world, he is a storyteller in Mandarin, a cinephile in English, and a beginner in French.


"This is one of my best experiences at McGill so far. The project offered me an opportunity to understand an industry that I would have never come across in class. By interviewing industry professionals from corporations, NGOs and the government; we experienced the real challenges faced by business owners and the struggle to take more social responsibility."
Haoran Wang - BCom

"The Fellowship Program is an amazing opportunity for students to get involved in a research project and create social impact. This experience also gave me the opportunity to connect with leaders in the supplier diversity arena from important Companies, NGOs, and Government entities. My team was able to present first findings at the Women Business Enterprises (WBE) and Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC) events in Toronto. In summary, developing your communication, analysis, research and teamwork skills as well as increasing your professional network are some of the benefits one can get from the Integrated Management Student Fellows Program."
Sandra Chang - MBA

"MDIIM conducted the interviews which facilitated my ability to identify strong students. As a result of their hard work and commitment, the Fellows traveled with me to two business conferences in Toronto where they helped to promote the research project extensively. One Fellow even talked to the Director of one of the conferences, and was subsequently able to pitch the project on the stage. Both Fellows came back with a tall stack of business cards of potential research interview participants."
Prof. Patricia Hewlin

Research Design for Two-Sided Platforms - MDIIM Winter 2018

Research Design for Two-Sided Platforms

In traditional markets the effects of the "invisible hand" are well studied. Through this project, these two Information Systems professors and MDIIM Fellows aim to analyze whether the "invisible hand" exists in these new two-sided platforms or not. If it exists, then to what extent is the invisible hand, invisible? Additionally, this project involves researching how two-sided markets manipulate the information presented to various parties and the reasons behind this manipulation.

Jui Ramaprasad, Kartik Ganju, Seif Zeineldin, Aleem Damji - MDIIM Winter 2018


Professors Jui Ramaprasad and Kartik Ganju

Jui Ramaprasad joined the Faculty of Management in fall 2009. She received her doctorate in Management, Information Systems from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine. She holds a B.S. from the University of Southern California. Professor Ramaprasad’s research examines the impact of IT-enabled social interactions on behavior and outcomes in two main domains: music and dating, two industries that have been transformed significantly by information technology.

Kartik Ganju joined the Faculty of Management in fall 2016. He received his doctorate in Business Administration from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. He has a Masters degree in Operational Research from the London School of Economics and a Bachelors degree in Statistics from Delhi University. Professor Ganju's research examines the impact of IT on healthcare and societal issues.

Seif Zeineldin - MBA

Seif Zeineldin is an MBA candidate majoring in Finance and Strategy. Prior to his studies, Seif worked in telecommunications, software, and management consulting. Besides work and studies, Seif has always been very active in extracurricular activities. Notably, he founded a social enterprise that connects undiscovered artists with potential buyers. In his free time you will find Seif representing McGill as a varsity squash player or at a dojo practicing Kung-fu. Before or after this, he will be enjoying a good cup of coffee in one of Montreal’s ubiquitous third wave coffee shop

Aleem Damji - BCom

Aleem Damji is a BCom candidate majoring in Honours Economics with a concentration in Business Analytics. Throughout his time at McGill, he has been involved in various activities ranging from the McGill Inter-Residence Council to case competitions. In his spare time, Aleem loves to travel and is always looking for a good book to read. Aleem contributed in both a programming role and a qualitative analysis role.


"Working on this project allowed me to develop not only my research skills but also my critical thinking and adaptability to different situations. This project allowed me to challenge myself and expand my boundaries while being able to experience a research project. My most powerful learning moment was seeing the project move from a simple idea to performing experiments."
Aleem Damji- BCom

"It allows you as an MBA student to apply many of the skills acquired through coursework in real life situations. I was fortunate to be working with two professors who are really informed in their field. This allowed me to learn a lot of practical insights about research design rather than just theoretical knowledge in class."
Seif Zeineldin - MBA

"The students had a great work ethic. They came prepared to each meeting, debriefed us on what we discussed, and at the end discussed the action plan for the next meeting. One of them was very resourceful and came with extensive connections. Both of them took initiative and were able to take on tasks that we really didn't have time to do."
Prof. Jui Ramaprasad and Prof. Kartik Ganju

Supporting Sustainable Practices for Smallholder Farmers in Developing Countries - MDIIM Winter 2018

Supporting Sustainable Practices for Smallholder Farmers in Developing Countries

This research project focuses on how smallholder farmers in developing countries are able to access financing to develop sustainable practices. The work is being conducted in collaboration with a local non-profit organization specialized in international sustainable finance.

Paola Perez-Aleman, Sarah Bloch - MDIIM Winter 2018

Professor Paola Perez-Aleman

Dr. Paola Perez-Aleman is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization at McGill University. Her research and expertise lies at the intersection of management, strategy, and international development. The focus of her work is on the processes that build capabilities of enterprises, foster innovation, and advance economic development.

Her research areas include Emerging Market Strategy, Entrepreneurship, International Management, Social Innovation, Sustainable Development, and Technology & Innovation.

Sarah Bloch - BCom

Sarah Bloch is a third-year BCom student majoring in International Management with a concentration in Strategic Management: Social Business and Enterprise and a minor in Political Science. Over the course of her studies, she has been involved in a number of student organizations and held leadership positions with McGill Students for UNICEF. She has also completed two international exchange programs, one in China and one in Germany. A dual French-American citizen fluent in four languages, she hopes to pursue an international career fostering collaboration between businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments to solve global social and environmental challenges.

Community Partnership

Solar Decathalon China SDC 2018 - TeamMTL - MDIIM Winter 2018

Solar Decathalon China SDC 2018 - TeamMTL

TeamMTL is the only Canadian team competing in the Solar Decathlon 2018 competition hosted by the US Department of Energy and taking place in China in Summer 2018. The Fellows are contributing to this interdisciplinary McGill-Concordia team in a business development, finance, and market research role in order to pitch the fully functional solar-powered deep-performance housing. MDIIM has further supported these Fellows to travel to China along with the team to present to the judges and global leaders, where they placed first in Market Appeal category.

Michael Jemtrud, Jiawei Lin, Roman Celac - MDIIM Winter 2018
Image by Michael Jemtrud, Jiawei Lin, Roman Celac - MDIIM Winter 2018.

Professor Michael Jemtrud

Michael Jemtrud is an Associate Professor of Architecture at McGill University and the former Director of the School of Architecture at McGill (2007-2011). His research and creative activity focuses on investigating the contemporary understanding of technology and culture relative to design practice from the computational and fabricative to the emergent and ecological. His work engages numerous public and private stakeholders and has been supported by various institutional and industry partners. Professor Jemtrud has been awarded over $20 million in sponsored research funding over the past 15 years of teaching and research. He is the Founding Director of two award-winning research labs including the Facility for Architectural Research in Media and Mediation -FARMM (2007-current) at McGill University.

Jiawei Lin - MBA

Jiawei Lin is an MBA student originally hailing from China. He spent the past nine years in Western Canada before coming to Montreal for his studies at Desautels. Jiawei brings experience in Finance and Business Development from the energy and pharmaceutical industries. He is passionate about bringing his knowledge to communities and making the world a better place. Jiawei is bringing his background and knowledge of the Chinese market – as well as his management experience - to assist a McGill-Concordia team in putting forward a competitive application for the SolarDecathlon in China this summer.

Roman Celac - BCom

Roman Celac is currently completing a BCom in Finance and International Business. Throughout his studies he has been involved in various leadership projects ranging from Model United Nations and case competitions, to student initiatives in social business and sustainability. Originally from Moldova, he is fluent in four languages, loves to travel, and plans to pursue an international career bridging finance, business strategy, and economic empowerment.


"The student fellow experience has been without any doubt one of the best experiences of my undergraduate degree. Getting the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and other students on challenging and diverse research topics is genuinely an unique learning experience. In my case working with the faculty of architecture on the housing solutions of tomorrow has been enriching on an intellectual and interpersonal level, while broadening my worldviews, work style and stimulating my interest to pursue graduate studies and a career intertwined with sustainability challenges. Thus, I would highly encourage you to consider applying to be part of the next cohort of student fellows!"
Roman Celac - BCom

"Definitely one of the highlights of my MBA study. The cross disciplinary collaboration inspired ideas and solutions to complex challenges through out the project. The environmental and social sustainability perspectives of the Solar Decathlon drove me to see beyond "business-as-usual" and the "bottom line". The integration of the academic research and practical business implications of the work demonstrates the potential impact I could make in the future. AMAZING! "
Jiawei Lin - MBA



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