2014 SEI Impact Internship Program Cohort

In it's second year, the Impact Internship Program worked closely with partners from le Regroupement économique et social du Sud-Ouest (RESO) and Quartier de l’innovation (QI), to facilitate the placement of five impact interns in the following organizations: Made in Montreal, Formétal, Pro-Vert Sud Ouest, Auberge de jeunesse du Saint-Laurent and Partageons l’espoir/Share the Warmth. The MDIIM also wishes to thank the Commerce Class of ’58, BCom Class of ’76 and KPMG for their support and contributions to the SEI Impact Internship Program. Ten students were selected to participate in the 2014 program.

SEI 2014 Cohort

Cécile Branco-Côté has worked in a variety of places, such as the U.S., France, Eastern Europe and India. As a student at McGill, she was offered the opportunity to work as a project manager organizing events related to social entrepreneurship in Ghana. Since then, Cécile has been interested in learning about business models that promote collaboration and participation among different actors in civil society. She is dedicated to the social advancement of her hometown, Montreal.

As an Impact Intern for Made in Montreal, Cécile assisted with developing an outreach strategy and enhancing promotional capacity, as well as creating social media content and marketing material.

Made in Montreal is a non-profit urban planning and economic development organization based in St Henri, Montreal. Its mandate is to support and promote local manufacturing, the 'buy local' movement, and small entrepreneurship.

Cécile Branco-Côté

Cécile Branco-Côté

Made in Montreal

Originally from Taiwan, Jeff Cheng completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree at McGill. His passion for giving back to the community led him to join the management team of the Market Cooperative, a student run non-profit organization seeking to promote local artists and sustainability in Montreal. Jeff hopes to pursue a Chartered Professional Accountancy designation after graduating from McGill, and he is looking to be actively involved in the realm of social economy while working in accounting.

As an Impact Intern for Equitas, Jeff assisted with developing a strategic organizational plan, researching best practices among non-profit organizations, and suggesting recommendations to change its performance management.

Equitas is a non-profit organization that works for the advancement of equality, social justice and respect for human dignity in Canada and around the world through transformative human rights education programs. It equips local human rights defenders and educators to build more inclusive communities and to contribute to social and economic development goals through democratic participation.

Jeff Cheng

Jeff Cheng


Deanna Cook majored in International Management, with a double minor in International Development Studies and French. The experiential component of her program allowed her to study in Spain for one semester. Deanna authors a blog entitled “Apathy into Action”, which promotes social activism amongst youth. Passionate about volunteering, advocacy and community development, Deanna is committed to pursuing a career in the plural sector. In 2015, she moved to Taiwan, where she taught English and participated in the local social economy.

As an Impact Intern for Artistri Sud, Deanna combined her technical business skills with her passion for social change in drafting a comprehensive business plan for Artistri Sud, and analyzing their systems and practices.

Artistri Sud is a non-profit organization based in Montreal that empowers female entrepreneurs around the world through training programs in small business development, cultural asset management and livelihood strategies.

Deanna Cook

Deanna Cook

Artistri Sud

Madeleine Coste graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with concentrations in International Business, Strategy (in a Social Context) and Labour Relations and Human Resources. An avid traveller, she lived in Argentina during her exchange semester. She is interested in sustainability and food security, and wishes to work in organisations that share these same values. Madeleine has contributed to McGill by assisting with the planning of various projects, case competitions and charity campaigns.

As an Impact Intern for Formétal, Madeleine undertook a market analysis, as well as developed a client database system and communication strategy.

Formétal is a Montreal-based social enterprise that assists individuals in reintegrating the workforce. It offers training programs, professional skills development and experiential learning opportunities.

Madeleine Coste

Madeleine Coste


Gabriel De Vuyst pursued a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in International Management, a concentration in Finance and a minor in International Development Studies. As a Belgian-Brazilian-Canadian, he has lived in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Switzerland, Argentina, and Canada. He is an avid traveller and looks into working in business development activities around the world.

As an Impact Intern for Pro-Vert Sud-Ouest (PVSO), Gabriel conducted a market study on waste management, determined the feasibility of implementing a project on sustainable recycling of office materials coming from schools, and analyzed the politics of environmental institutions.

Pro-Vert Sud-Ouest (PVSO) is a non-profit organization that promotes urban environmental health through beautification initiatives in the South West of Montreal.

Gabriel De Vuyst

Gabriel De Vuyst

Pro-Vert Sud-Ouest (PVSO)

Gijs Leenders completed his undergraduate degree, graduating with honours in International Development Studies and a minor in Management. Having grown up in the Netherlands, Gijs has lived in Switzerland, Canada, and Singapore, opportunities which have left him with a distinct international perspective and interest in global cultures. At McGill, he was able to combine his interests in international management, leadership and development ethics in the field of social entrepreneurship and the social economy.

As an Impact Intern for Apathy is Boring, Gijs was responsible for the planning and logistical event coordination, developing communication content, and organizing networking events on behalf of the organization to reach out to both new and existing partners.

Apathy is Boring is a national youth-led, non-partisan, charitable organization that uses art and technology to educate youth about democracy, with the aim of increasing youth voter turnout, youth engagement in the democratic process. It aims to builds a dialogue between youth and elected officials.

Gijs Leenders

Gijs Leenders

Apathy is Boring

Salomé Mirigay completed a triple concentration in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Organizational Behaviour. Originally from France, she spent her early childhood living in London and New York before returning to Paris to attend an international school. Salomé aspires to a career within the social economy, motivated by the prospect of applying innovative approaches to address social issues and achieve a positive impact.

As an Impact Intern for the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation, Salomé contributed to its strategic planning process. She provided organizational support, while assisting with social media as well as data compilation and analysis.

The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation was established by the Right Honourable Jeanne Sauvé, the first woman to be Governor General of Canada and Speaker of Canada’s Parliament. Its organizational mission is to help prepare young adults develop their potential and skills to be used towards making a difference and building a better future. Through their flagship initiative, the Sauvé Scholars Program, the Foundation is an incubator for leadership, innovation, and social entrepreneurship.

Salomé Mirigay

Salomé Mirigay

Jeanne Sauvé Foundation

Maude Olivier completed her undergraduate degree at McGill with hopes of pursuing a Master’s degree in International Development after graduating. Maude has always been passionate about working and contributing to the non-for-profit sector. In 2011, she completed a social economy internship in Mali, as part of the Quebec Without Borders (QWB) program. That internship confirmed that she wanted to pursue a career in the plural sector and contribute to positive social change.

As an Impact Intern for HI Hostelling, Maude helped HI to achieve different tasks within three distinct spheres: governance, human resources, and affiliation.

Auberge de jeunesse du Saint-Laurent, which is part of Hostelling International Canada: Ontario and Québec Region, is a local non-profit organization. Its mission is to help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of peoples, places and cultures through hostelling.

Maude Olivier

Maude Olivier

Auberge de jeunesse du Saint-Laurent

Raised in Haiti, Yury Sambale now lives in Montreal, where he completed a major in International Management with a minor concentration in International Development and a concentration in Information System. Passionate about sustainable development and social economy, he wishes to pursue a career in a field that will allows him contribute to positive social change through economic development. In 2015, Yury studeis and volunteered in Sao Paulo for his semester exchange.

As an Impact Intern for Share the Warmth, Yury helped develop a marketing strategy for a new community café, and assisted with social media and communications.

Partageons l’espoir/Share the Warmth is a local social enterprise. Its mission is to foster the overall development and success of children and youth, while promoting food security and access to healthcare services.

Yury Sambale

Yury Sambale

Partageons l’espoir/Share the Warmth

Raised in Zimbabwe, Marko Tvrtkovic was one of the first graduates of the new Major in Managing for Sustainability at the Desautels Faculty of Management. Growing up in a developing country allowed Marko to develop a strong interest in helping people and contributing to positive social change. This is why he is pursuing a socially responsible education which focuses on the interdependencies between economic, social, and ecological challenges.

As an Impact Intern for L.O.V.E., Marko assisted in creating a business plan to expand the organization’s operations. He worked on developing an operational budget, found potential investors, and created a recruitment plan and marketing strategy.

L.O.V.E. (Leave Out Violence) is a not-for-profit organization that empowers young people who have been witnesses, victims, or perpetrators of violence to stop the cycle of violence in their lives. With educational programs based on photo-journalism, multi-media production, and creative-writing, youth between the ages of 13 and 18 are encouraged to document their life stories – often comprising the violence they have experienced or witnessed. LOVE Youth reach out into their own communities to share their stories, knowledge, learning, and anti-violence philosophies.

Marko Tvrtkovic

Marko Tvrtkovic

L.O.V.E. (Leave Out Violence)

2014 Cohort

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