Day 7: Indu Krishnamurthy

Indu Krishnamurthy

Indu Krishnamurthy, EMBA'15 

Directrice générale adjointe, ACEM - Financement Communautaire Responsable

The McGill-HEC Montréal’s EMBA program brings together professionals who often work in non-traditional business settings and who wish to further hone their skills in management to make a change in the world. Indu Krishnamurthy, who graduated from the program in 2015, currently works for ACEM, a non-profit organization that aims to help immigrants better integrate into society.

As someone who has immigrated twice, first to the U.K. and then to Canada, Indu can empathize with the daunting situations that immigrants might find themselves in. Through the Foreign Credential recognition and Community Credit programs, Indu’s work at ACEM improves the lives of the underprivileged by creating opportunities for them to reach their full potential, both on a financial and personal level. 

What does making an impact mean to you?

For me, making an impact means inspiring people to think past themselves, to work together and to create a better world.  

This is why I love my work at ACEM (Association communautaire d'emprunt de Montréal/Montreal Community Loan Fund) where we work together with investors, volunteers, staff, and marginalized populations in Montreal to build a more inclusive and prosperous society. 

Name someone who has made an impact on you and might have inspired you to do the same.

Gandhi’s words ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ has made an impact and continues to inspire me in my daily actions. 

What does it mean to be part of the #DesautelsFamily?

I have had the privilege of gaining a prized education and access to resources, including dedicated professors and motivated students belonging to the Desautels community.  Now, I have a sense of responsibility to give back to society what the #DesautelsFamily has invested in me!

Desautels Holiday Celebration

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