Day 13: Saibal Ray & Nancy Kwan

Saibal Ray and Nancy Kwan

Saibal Ray, Professor, Operations Management & Vice Dean Research & Faculty and Nancy Kwan, Research Administrator

Research excellence is at the foundation of Desautels' reputation. It is one of the 4 pillars of the strategic plan and the pivotal contribution of Saibal and Nancy ensuring that we achieve our goals.

Initiatives such as the "Research I'm Most Excited About" event showcases internally and externally the quality and breadth of management research and how wide reaching its effects can be on society. Saibal and Nancy's dedication in supporting this priority guarantees that Desautels' research is relevant and impactful in every way it can be. 

What does making an impact mean to you?

"Generosity in spirit + Kindness in action → Impact.  It’s being mindful that all of us can make a difference, however big or small, by the thoughtful choices that we make." - Nancy

Why is research so important?

"Management research is extremely important to understanding the vital issues that are core to our community and its quickly evolving nature means we are constantly challenging ourselves to be at the forefront, doing cutting-edge research.

Our professors undertake work that not only transcends the traditional divides between disciplines, but also pushes the frontiers of knowledge to address some of the greatest challenges of the modern world. In other words, through the rigor and relevance of their research, professors at Desautels do well, while also doing good. It is important for us to enable professors to do their research because it is through our research that we are Impact Makers." - Saibal

What does it mean to be part of the #DesautelsFamily?

"I am surrounded by so many wonderful and dedicated people who, day-in and day-out, invest a big part of themselves for the benefit of others.  The Desautels Family is my home away from home and I am so proud to be a part of this family." - Nancy

Desautels Holiday Celebration

Do you know someone in the Desautels Family who has made an impact on you or your community?
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