Higher bond yields negatively impacting asset management business

The future doesn’t look too bright for many asset managers, according to PwC. The professional services firm conducted a survey of more than 500 asset managers, and estimates that one in six will go out of business by 2027. One factor driving this is increased bond yields driven by higher interest rates, according to McGill Desautels Professor Mo Chaudhury.

Published: 15 Aug 2023

Liquidity support for mid-sized US banks is a band-aid solution that masks underlying issues

In a five-day period in early March 2023, three mid-sized US banks collapsed: Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank. The United States Federal Reserve stepped in with an emergency lending program to support liquidity and mitigate the risk of contagion. While that will probably work in the short term, it doesn’t solve the problem, says Mo Chaudhury, an Associate Professor of Finance (Teaching) at Desautels.

Published: 14 Apr 2023

Alberta politician who is spreading conspiracy theories could become premier

Danielle Smith is running for the leadership of Alberta’s United Conservative Party, and could become Alberta’s next premier. But Smith is campaigning on a platform that includes internet conspiracy theories. In a newsletter, she cautioned that Canada’s currency could be replaced with an international common digital currency, and the federal government could use it to “punish and reward” Canadians.

Published: 16 Sep 2022

Desautels finishes strong at 2022 ICBC

Five BCom case teams made the finals at the 44th annual Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC) hosted virtually by Queen's University from January 13 to 16, 2022 with the Finance and Ethics teams each taking first place. Winning teams:

Finance: Julia Jin and Lucy Chen, coached by Mo Chaudhury

Published: 19 Jan 2022

Small investors change the game, but it won’t last

Earlier this month, a Reddit-driven investor coup sent shockwaves through the market as heavily shorted stocks skyrocketed in price. Professor Mo Chaudhury weighs in on the mania, attributing the rising number of new investors to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Published: 5 Feb 2021

Banks turn to selfies to simplify identity verification

Banks have turned to selfies for facial recognition to help simplify identity verification methods. Professor Mo Chaudhury joins Bank Innovation to discuss the prospects and risks of facial recognition technology in mortgage applications.

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Published: 10 Sep 2020

When the index fund bubble pops

Professor Mo Chaudhury weighs in on the market risks caused by the growing popularity of index funds.

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Published: 10 Sep 2019

Danger still looms a decade after financial crash

Despite improvements made to manage risk better, experts such as Desautels Professor Mo Chaudhury warn that the US financial system remains dangerously vulnerable to future crashes.

“What is good for Wall Street and banks is not always good for the general citizenship,” explains Prof. Chaudhury.

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Published: 13 Sep 2018

Canada is not facing a mortgage crisis

The Laurentian Bank of Canada recently revealed that they will have to buy back up to $300 million in loans issued to clients, realising that its vetting practices were not applied thoroughly enough.

Published: 12 Dec 2017

Professor Chaudhury on the new Rohingya approach

In a blog post for, Desautels professor Mo Chaudhury assesses the Bangladesh Government’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar concerning the Rohingyas, asserting that the current response contrasts with past related policy.

Published: 26 Sep 2017

Mo Chaudhury on the Rohingya crisis, Bangladesh and the West

In a recent op-ed for Bangladeshi online newspaper, Desautels Professor Mo Chaudhury explores the unfolding Rohingya humanitarian disaster in Myanmar, then outlines the corruption at the heart of the crisis and the players who stand to benefit from it.

Published: 19 Sep 2017

Desautels professor on Bangladesh Government’s bank-deposits tax

In a recent piece for The Daily Star, Desautels professor Mo Chaudhury calls the tax on bank deposits in the Government of Bangladesh’s 2017-18 budget a bad call, and gives six examples that outline exactly why.

Published: 8 Jun 2017

Corruption, accountability and a bridge in Bangladesh

Desautels Faculty of Management Finance Professor Mo Chaudhury writes for The Daily Star that the court case surrounding the Padma Bridge project in Bangladesh —which has snared the World Bank, SNC-Lavalin and the Bangladeshi government —has only served to highlight the need for greater accountability across the board in large development projects.

Published: 28 Feb 2017

History of Bangladesh: First Decade

The first decade's history of Bangladesh is most consequential but often politically coloured. This historical commentary is different in two respects. First, it recounts the decade through the lens of ordinary citizens whose perception is truer than reality in politics. Second, it avoids straitjacketing of history by simultaneously acknowledging the contributions of a regime and drawing lessons from its mistakes.       

Published: 6 Apr 2016

Risk management, not unproductive public feuds

The recent news of fraudulent transfer of the Bangladesh Bank's (BB) US Dollar Reserve to yet unidentified beneficiaries has ignited a governance firestorm inside the country, while showcasing the vulnerabilities of a digital world, and the strengths and weaknesses of the international funds transfer architecture. This commentary seeks to discern the key aspects of forensic investigation and financial prevention.      

Published: 21 Mar 2016


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