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Interpersonal skills are key to managing staff during times of crisis

Even the darkest cloud has a silver lining – but there is a time and a place to mention it. When employees are struggling through a crisis, putting a positive spin on the situation can make them feel as though their concerns aren’t being taken seriously, according to Patricia Faison Hewlin, an Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Desautels.

Published: 24 Aug 2022

An employer's choice of words can reveal much about their return to office plans

For many parents and caregivers, working from home has made life a lot easier. And any return to the office will have consequences for them. Some employers have used surveys and online forums to gauge employee sentiment about returning, but the language they use can be telling, according to Patricia Faison Hewlin, an Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Desautels.

Published: 6 Jul 2022

To get inclusion right, companies need to ask what they’re doing wrong

Inclusion isn't a warm and fuzzy feeling of belonging. Inclusion means being an integral part of an organization, and having the resources to get the job done, said Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour Patricia Faison Hewlin in Business Insider. In order to achieve it, organizations need to listen.

Published: 7 Apr 2022

Delve: Why Organizations Need Authentic People and Inclusive Policies, with Patricia Hewlin

The complex issue of authenticity at work isn’t only about people within an organization—it’s connected to the organization’s own integrity, including policies on equity, diversity, and inclusion. The value of authenticity for employees, customers and clients, and management is linked to a diversity of people and innovative ideas suited to today’s world.

Published: 7 Apr 2022

Authenticity and allyship in the business world

Black leaders carry extra burden. Organizations often expect them to take on advocacy roles in equity, diversity and inclusion, but that should be everyone’s responsibility, argued panelists at the Desautels Faculty of Management’s Black History Month virtual event. Moderated by Lysie Salomon (BCom’17), the panel considered authenticity, leadership, and allyship in the workplace. It featured Dr.

Published: 17 Mar 2022

How to tackle EDI issues in any setting

Many organizations say that equity, diversity and inclusion is a priority, but in order to actually achieve equitable outcomes, organizations need to make a real commitment. As part of the MBA lecture series, Prof.

Published: 21 Feb 2022

“Sorry” limits success for women in the workplace

Excessive apologizing at work may hinder a woman’s ability to succeed professionally, according to Professor Patricia Hewlin. The habit of saying sorry, even when an apology is unwarranted, stems from societal beliefs about what it means to be feminine in the workplace and contributes to higher stress levels and feelings of inauthenticity.

Published: 14 Oct 2021

Building belonging on Broadway

Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin and her husband, CEO of The Hewlin Group, Jay Hewlin, are working to carve out diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces for success on Broadway. As they partner with hit Broadway shows, including Hamilton and Moulin Rouge!, they advocate for initiatives that go beyond diversity statements, pushing for a balance between policy change and personal development.

Published: 23 Sep 2021

Leveraging social media to land jobs

Social media is dramatically reshaping today’s hiring landscape, says Professor Patricia Hewlin. With the accessibility of LinkedIn and other platforms like Instagram, communication between candidate and employers or hiring committee has become more casual and informed, potentially creating a less daunting job application process.

Published: 6 Jul 2021

Cultivating authenticity in the workplace

When “work from home” ceased to be a moniker and became a long-term reality for countless professionals around the globe, workplace wellness also took on a new meaning. Professor Patricia Hewlin points to authenticity as the root of personal wellbeing in every aspect of life.

Published: 28 Jun 2021

Successful leadership hinges on emotional intelligence

Following the unprecedented resignation of Governor General Julie Payette after allegations of a toxic work environment at Rideau Hall, Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin stresses the importance of authentic leadership skills in the workplace. Effective leaders rely heavily on the ability to connect to people meaningfully and with empathy, she argues. 

Published: 27 Jan 2021

Delve: It’s Difficult to Breathe Behind a Facade, but Psychological Safety is the Antidote

According to McGill University’s Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin, today’s socio-political climate has placed diversity and inclusion at the forefront, revealing the depth to which psychological safety has been absent in many workplaces.

Published: 25 Nov 2020

To weather the health and social crises, lead with compassion and authenticity

As the world faces an uphill battle against the pandemic and social injustices, Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin is calling on educators to ensure a focus on authenticity, emotional intelligence and race, equality and inclusion is present in their conversations on leadership.

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Published: 7 Oct 2020

Companies are addressing racism through open dialogue sessions – but is it working?

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to shine a light on systemic racism, many companies are committing to “listening and learning” to the lived experiences of underrepresented groups through open dialogue sessions to help make concrete plans that will advance equity, diversity and inclusion. Despite the well-intentions, these sessions have been subject to criticism.

Published: 7 Oct 2020

A message to Black women scholars

Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin, together with Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts of the University of Virginia, has penned an open letter addressing the unique experiences that Black women scholars are facing during the “double pandemic” confronting our society.

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Published: 21 Aug 2020


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