Wei Qi awarded 2019 FRQSC New Academics Grant


Published: 26Jul2019

Congratulations to Wei Qi, Assistant Professor in Operations Management, awarded the 2019 FRQSC New Academics Grant (Soutien à la recherche pour la relève professorale) “Le partage de la mobilité durable dans les villes intelligentes” (“Sharing Sustainable Mobility in Smart Cities”). 

Montreal, along with many other cities worldwide, is embracing sustainable mobility sharing. Such a system provides one-way and on-demand transit services using a pool of environmentally friendly vehicles, primarily in the form of electric vehicles (EV). Motivated by the challenges that struck car2go and by the vision of a sustainable and smart mobility future, this project will develop analytics, models and insights for promoting sustainable mobility sharing business models. The goal is to satisfy urban mobility demands in a shared and sustainable fashion with wise investment and profitable service operations. Prof. Qi anticipates delivering the following long-term impacts: 1) Advance the emerging inter- disciplinary field of smart-city operations management. 2) Provide managerial insights for promoting future real-world sustainable mobility sharing. 3) Connect to local car sharing companies here in Montreal to help in their ongoing effort of expanding sustainable mobility sharing in Montreal.