SEI’s Second Annual Homecoming Keynote


On Friday, the Social Economy Initiative (SEI) presented its Second Annual Homecoming Keynote event in the Bronfman Building. The event featured presentations from five social entrepreneurships including Aspire– the 2013 Hult Prize winning team, as well as four past winners of the McGill Dobson Cup. Each team elaborated on their companies and the ways in which their work has had an impact.
... The fifth and final presentation was given by Aspire, the winners of last year’s Hult Prize. Team members Gabriel Mott and Jesse Pearlstein gave the presentation that won the team $1 million at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference in September. Aspire uses the sustainable farming of crickets in rural areas to bring affordable and nutritious food to urban slums in developing areas. So far, the team has businesses in Thailand, Kenya, and Mexico. A question-and-answer session followed Aspire’s presentation.

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