Rami Aslan Appointed as Türk Telekom CEO


Türk Telekom, the leading communications and convergence technology company in Turkey, announces the restructuring of its leadership by combining the roles of the Group CEO and the General Manager into a single CEO position. Rami Aslan (BCom'94, MBA'97), who has been serving on the board of Türk Telekom and as CEO of Oger Telecom, is appointed as CEO of Türk Telekom as of December 10, 2013. In addition to his current roles, he will be appointed as a member of Türk Telekom Executive Committee and member of the boards of Avea and TTNet.

Hakam Kanafani, who served as Türk Telekom Group CEO, is appointed as Chief Advisor to the Chairman of Türk Telekom and will continue to serve on the boards of Türk Telekom and Türk Telekom’s ICT subsidiaries. He will also serve on the boards of Oger Telecom and Cell C (PTY) Ltd in South Africa. Tahsin Yılmaz, who served as Türk Telekom General Manager, will continue working with the Oger Group.

Türk Telekom Chairman Mohammed Hariri commented on the recent appointments: “I would like to thank Hakam Kanafani and Tahsin Yılmaz for their invaluable contribution to the growth of Türk Telekom Group. Tahsin Yılmaz has led the broadband growth and execution for four years before taking over transformation of fixed line, wholesale and corporate business.  Hakam Kanafani has led the strategy and set a vision for the company that enabled Türk Telekom Group to grow and create value. With this new leadership structure, Türk Telekom Group will be enabled to dig deeper in efficiencies and realize a significant upside. I have full confidence that Rami Aslan, whom I have worked closely with since the privatization of Türk Telekom, will build on the success he achieved across our Group in order to continue the value creation at Türk Telekom Group with world-class and innovative solutions and leading the digital transformation in Turkey.” 

Having worked for over 20 years in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Mr. Aslan joined the Oger Group in 2005 from Citigroup where he covered mainly the telecommunication and information technology sectors. In his eight years with Oger, Mr. Aslan started with an active role during the share transfer period following the privatization of Türk Telekom and has later taken the helm as CEO of Oger Telecom while serving at the boards of Oger Group and several of its companies including Türk Telekom and various subsidiaries as well as Cell-C, the telecom operator of Oger Telecom in South Africa. Mr. Aslan holds his Bachelor degree with a major in Management Information Systems, and his MBA degree from McGill University, Canada.