Raising tuition for out-of-province students risks undermining world-class academic programs, writes Prof. Henry Mintzberg

Published: 18 December 2023

Funding for universities is not a zero-sum game, writes John Cleghorn Professor of Management Henry Mintzberg in a LaPresse op-ed. And the Quebec government’s plan to increase tuition for out-of-province students risks undermining the very source of funding it hopes to leverage. If students at anglophone universities are charged higher fees, and that money is used to fund francophone universities, it will discourage many out-of-province students from coming to Quebec in the first place. “Why would you do this to McGill, Monsieur Legault,” Mintzberg writes. “Being in Quebec gives McGill a unique niche. Why would you proceed with this plan, when it’s not clear what the consequences will be?”


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