Questions pour un patron: du commerce électronique aux boutiques BonLook


Buying new glasses? A Desautels alumna is changing how you may do it

In a recent interview for La Presse, BonLook CEO and Desautels alumna Sophie Boulanger (BCom'03) discusses how BonLook is shaking up the industry,  the value of designing and producing product rather than being a multi-brand retailer, and using social-media influencers as an integral part of her marketing strategy. The company is also opening physical shops, which Boulanger calls “service points,” where a customer can try frames on before putting their money down.

As to how BonLook stays ahead of the trends, the answer is simple: “We travel a lot,” and bring inspiration home from every trip.

Read full article in French: La Presse, February 21, 2017