Movies that MBAs can learn from: professors have their say

Sebastien Betermier
Published: 25 April 2017

Poets and Quants recently asked business educators to name their top picks for films from which MBAs could learn a lesson or two. The range of movies mentioned was wide, and included some films that do not, at first, seem to be obvious choices. So, while films like The Wolf of Wall Street, 1986’s Gung-Ho, and Margin Call show up on the list, some professors give the nod to movies like Zootopia and The Godfather.

Desautels Professor Sebastien Betermier names 12 Angry Men as his pick, saying that “The process parallels what it means to think for oneself, to question, consider the evidence and then base conclusions on well-founded reasons rather than assumptions.”

Read full article: Poets & Quants, April 24, 2017 


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