Moderating MOOCs


MOOC, an acronym that's odd to pronounce, stands for Massive Open Online Course. In a nutshell, a MOOC allows free access online to top courses and teachers from elite universities.
"MOOCs are probably the most profound development in higher education in the past year," says Arshad Ahmad (MBA'81), an associate professor of finance at Concordia's John Molson School of Business. The experts envision classes of 100,000 students or more, from around the globe, taught by top professors with all the latest presentation tools.
Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Ahmad holds an MBA from McGill University and has been teaching since 1982. An important turning point came in the 1990s when he won the first of many teaching awards. This was followed with a lifetime 3M National Teaching Fellowship in 1992 for leadership in teaching.

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