"Liderando com Maestria: Desenvolvendo a Capacidade de Contribuição Significativa," Revista Interdisciplinar de Gestao Social


Published: 12Dec2013

Author: Adler, Nancy

Publication: Revista Interdisciplinar de Gestao Social 


Extraordinary leadership is born in who leaders are, not merely in the summation of their learned strategies and tactics—no matter how well executed. The 21st century confronts us with markedly challenging times—times that call for extraordinary leadership at a global, national, organizational, and community level. To increase the possibility of business leaders influencing the world in ways that benefit both society and the company’s bottom-line, McGill University launched a seminar on The Art of Leadership in 2003. Aspects of the seminar have since been offered to managers and executives in Austria, Canada, Dubai, France, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States. Drawing on artistic traditions and processes, the seminar goes beyond traditional management by focusing on our culture’s most profound understanding and appreciation of “the possible.” The seminar is designed to develop participants’ capacities to create, support, and enhance economically vibrant organizations while simultaneously creating a more peaceful, compassionate, and sustainable society. It explicitly focuses on leadership, rather than management; and on the more compelling challenge of significance rather than the more traditional goal of success. The seminar is designed to enhance who each individual is as a leader, rather than on their use any particular set of leadership tools or techniques.

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