Human Resource Approaches to Retirement: Gatekeeping, Improvising, Orchestrating, and Partnering


Published: 5Feb2016

Authors: Lee, M. D., Zikic, J., Noh, S.-C., Sargent, L.

Publication: Human Resource Management


This qualitative study examines the patterns in human resource (HR) approaches to retirement across 24 organizations to explore innovative practices as well as gain understanding of the differences in how firms are dealing with major changes surrounding retirement and workforce demographics. Using organizational adaptation theory and carrying out a thorough analysis of in-depth interviews with HR managers, we identify three dimensions that differentiate organizations' approaches to retirement: (1) actions and interactions of key stakeholders in the retirement process; (2) HR information gathering focus regarding workforce issues; and (3) HR posture around changes needed in retirement policies and practices. Based on organizational profiles on these dimensions, four distinct approaches to retirement emerge and are described in some detail: gatekeeping, improvising, orchestrating, and partnering. These different approaches also provide insight into how organizations differ in their adaptation to change.

Read full article: Human Resource Management, January 3, 2016

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