Hot Cities Report: Russia Is Many Things, But Boring Isn't One of Them


Ten months ago, I volunteered to help organize Desautels’ fifth annual Hot Cities of the World trip. I enjoy the challenge of detailed logistics; in my pre-MBA life, I booked national concert tours and publicity campaigns. As it turns out, booking a Canadian tour and booking a Russian trip for 44 people are very different beasts.
Professor Karl Moore has been taking groups of McGill MBAs, BComms and alumni to emerging economies around the world for the past five years. This time, he was considering several hot climates for our March trip, as well as the opposite end of the spectrum: Russia. Needless to say, Russia won, and I ended up buying a lovely down coat instead of a bikini.

-Article by Allison Lickley

Read full article: McGill Reporter, April 17, 2013