Fuel for thought: Experts say gas prices hit more than wallets


Published: 17Aug2005

McGill's Christopher Ragan, Cory Leclerc and Karl Moore provide expertise on the economy, bio-derived fuels and the airline industry

Gas prices are at an all-time high. How much will consumers be paying for a litre of gas and what are the options?

Indeed, Canadians might soon feel more than just pain at the pumps as rising gas prices have a ripple effect on the entire economy.

Gas alternatives
Corey Leclerc is a professor in McGill's Department of Chemical Engineering and an expert on the use of alternative fuels, such as bio-derived fuels obtained from animal and plant waste. Corey Leclerc can be reached at 514-398-8308 or by corey.leclerc [at] mcgill.ca (email).

Gas pricing
Christopher Ragan is a professor in McGill's Department of Economics and has served as a special advisor for the Bank of Canada. Ragan has been closely following the rise of gas prices and their effect on the economy, inflation and real economic growth. He can be reached at 514-398-8958 or by christopher.ragan [at] mcgill.ca (email).

Gas prices and the airline industry
Karl Moore is a professor in McGill's Department of Management and an expert on globalization and management strategy. Moore has been closely following the developments in the airline industry and can be reached at 514-398-4138 or by karl.moore [at] mcgill.ca (email).