"Friend or Foe? The Effects of Contingent Employees on Standard Employees' Work Attitudes," The International Journal of Human Resources Management


Published: 21Nov2013

Authors: Banerjee, Mallika; Tolbert, Pamela S,; DiCiccio, Thomas

Publication: The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2012


Using data from a large-scale national survey of employers and employees in Britain, we examine the impact of the presence of contingent employees on work attitudes of standard (full-time, indefinite-term) employees. Drawing on differing explanations for the increased use of contingent employment arrangements, we derive competing hypotheses about how this use affects standard employees' work perceptions and attitudes, and explore the impact of a number of potentially intervening factors. We find that contingent employees have little effect on standard employees' perceptions of work overload, but strongly reduce perceived job security, which in turn, mediates the negative effects of contingent employees on job satisfaction and organizational loyalty.