Experts speak out on 2004 federal election

Published: 4 June 2004

McGill experts offer insight on federal election issues

Looking for experts to offer insight on the upcoming federal election? Please consult the following academics who can comment on various issues that matter to Canadians:

Healthcare and social policy

antonia.maioni [at] (Antonia Maioni), director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, is a leading expert on healthcare and social policy. Tel.: 514-398-4815.

Debt and deficit

christopher.ragan [at] (Christopher Ragan), a McGill professor of economics, can comment on government debt and deficit, general spending levels, economic policy, as well as interest rates and the value of the dollar. Tel.: 514-398-8958 or 398-1894.

william.watson [at] (William Watson), a McGill professor of economics, can comment on the federal government's economic policy. Tel.: 514-398-8962.

Canadian business

karl.moore [at] (Karl Moore), a McGill management professor, can comment on Canada's role in globalization. Tel.: 514-216-7839 (cell), 514-398-4138 (office).

Bloc Québécois

martin.papillion [at] (Martin Papillion), a visiting political scientist in McGill's Quebec Studies program, can comment on the role the Bloc Québécois may play in the next House of Commons. Tel.: 514-398-3960.

Voting patterns

elisabeth.gidengil [at] (Elisabeth Gidengil), professor of political science, is an expert in voting behaviour, gender politics and polling. She is available for background information. Tel.: 514-398-4805.

Media effects on voting

Political science professor stuart.soroka [at] (Stuart Soroka) is an expert on how media coverage can affect voting patterns during elections. Soroka is currently studying news coverage of the 2004 federal election as co-director of the Observatory on Media and Public Policy, launched this spring by the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. Tel.: 514-398-4865.

Scandal management

william.straw [at] (William Straw), professor of communications, is an expert in pop culture who is sure to have a refreshing perspective on the long-term effects of the federal sponsorship scandal. Tel.: 514-398-6741.

Trade disputes in agriculture

john.henning [at] (John Henning), professor of agricultural economics, can comment on the current trade dispute regarding Canadian beef exports to the United States. Tel.: 514-398-7862.

Canadian environment

nigel.roulet [at] (Nigel Roulet), director of the McGill School of Environment, can comment on most issues relating to the environment and is a specialist in the role of carbon in global climate change. Tel.: 514-398-2827.

Women, children and health

shree.mulay [at] (Shree Mulay), director of the McGill Centre for Research & Teaching on Women, can comment on the issues facing women and children. She is also an expert on immigrant women and healthcare reform. Tel.: 514-398-8327/3911.


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