Eric Boyko: Stingray's entrepreneur à go-go-go


A dot-com millionaire, a real estate investor and a money manager are sitting at a bar, talking passionately about national unity over the near-deafening techno music blaring from overhead speakers. Just another Thursday night in Montreal, where a thriving subculture of entrepreneurs frequently huddle in dark spaces to talk politics, celebrate their successes and plot their futures.

… Few of them have as much to boast about as Eric Boyko, BCom’92, the 42-year-old chief executive officer of Stingray Digital Media Group, who made his fortune by selling his online fundraising company at the height of the tech bubble. Most people have never heard of Stingray, but they likely know the company’s Galaxie music service, which lives in the upper reaches of their television menus.

Read full article: The Globe and Mail, November 2, 2012