Desautels students unite to reward sustainable business


Published: 1Mar2019

Paulo Caputo (MBA - Global Strategy & Leadership), Sandra Chang (MBA - Finance, Global Strategy & Leadership), Aditya Chinnakonda (MBA - Business Analytics), Loïc Eloy (BCom - Managing for Sustainability), Maxime Lakat (BCom - Managing for Sustainability), Mari Claire Paoli (BCom - Economics), and Priscille Raynaud (B Arts - Political Science) recently participated in the Finance & Sustainability Initiative (FSI) Awards Ceremony. Together, they were asked to select the best corporate sustainability report from top Canadian companies.

The student panel presented Gildan with the top award in the consumption sector, while electing two other finalists, namely Maple Leaf & Canadian Tire.

Among the best practices noted upon review of the reports were:

  • Measurable, specific and comparable metrics (clear progress made, industry benchmarks, international standards and the use of well-known protocols and indices);
  • A clear link between metrics, objectives and short- and long-term vision of the company;
  • Increasing transparency on negative externalities.