Commentary on 2004 Liberal Budget

Published: 23 March 2004

McGill experts offer insight on federal government's March 23 budget

Looking for experts to offer quick insight on the federal government's March 23 budget? Please consult the following academics who can comment on various issues that matter to Canadians:

Women, children and health

Shree Mulay, director of the McGill Centre for Research & Teaching on Women, can comment on how the budget will affect women and children. She is also an expert on immigrant women and healthcare reform. Contact: 514-398-8327/3911 or shree.mulay [at] (email).

Healthcare and social policy

Antonia Maioni, director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, is an expert on healthcare reform in Canada. She is also well versed in social policy and the welfare state in Canada. Contact: 514-398-4815 or antonia.maioni [at] (email).

Debt and deficit

Christopher Ragan, a McGill professor of economics, can comment on the federal government's economic policy, as well as on inflation, inflation policy, debts and deficit. Contact: 514-398-8958 or christopher.ragan [at] (email).

William Watson, a McGill professor of economics, is in budget lock-up on March 23. As of March 24, he can comment on the federal government's economic policy vis-à-vis the 2004 budget and how it will affect Canadians. Contact: 514-398-8962 or william.watson [at] (email).


Karl Moore, a McGill Management professor, can comment on the general economics of the federal government's 2004 budget. He can also comment on the budget's implications for small and large enterprises. Contact: 514-216-7839 (cellular), 514-398-4138 (office) or karl.moore [at] (email).


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