Collective theranostics and postgenomics entrepreneurship: rethinking innovations as knowledge ecosystems built by complex collaboration


Published: 11Feb2013

Authors: Faraj, S.; Kolker, E.; Bevilacqua, L.; Ozdemir, V.

Getting the innovation climate right: tenets of post genomics entrepreneurship

Some might think science is a romantic endeavor. The classic ‘Edisonian’ lens of science has advanced precisely that vision: ‘the lone genius’. While this (false) metaphor of solitary scientific practice in a laboratory detached from society has prevailed for the past 400 years since the Enlightenment, ‘game changing’ transformative ideas do not hatch in a vacuum. Science and innovation are inherently social, political and collective activities [2–6,101]. They require a favorable innovation climate or milieu, be it information systems, crossfunctional knowledge teams, understanding of organizational behavior, healthcare management, social and even meteorological climate [7,8]. The building and sustenance of research infrastructures and scientific discoveries can be stifled when these forces intersect and interact unfavorably.

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