"Building an Innovation Base: Exploring the Role of Acquisition Behavior," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science


Published: 21Feb2013

Authors: Mishra, S.; Slotegraaf, Rebecca J.


Innovation serves as a foundation for sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, it is no surprise that firms seek to build an innovation base-a reservoir of inventions, ideas, and discoveries that serve as a platform for their innovation efforts. One approach for building an innovation base is acquisitions, though extant research reveals an equivocal verdict on whether acquisitions influence post-acquisition inventions. In this research, the authors focus on type of acquisition, acquisition behavior over time, and invention characteristics to investigate how acquisition behavior influences post-acquisition inventions. Analysis of 352 firms across five industries and 17 years reveals that firms who make acquisitions produce a stronger innovation base than those who make no acquisitions. Moreover, comparing effects across vertical and horizontal acquisitions, results indicate that the acquiring firm's knowledge breadth plays an important role in determining which type of acquisition behavior generates the strongest influence on a firm's innovation base. © 2013 Academy of Marketing Science.

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2013