Bridging Practice and Process Research to Study Transient Manifestations of Strategy


Published: 23Oct2017

Authors: Laurent Mirabeau, Steve Maguire and Cynthia Hardy

Publication: Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 39, No. 3 (SI), March 2018


At the intersection of Strategy Process (SP) and Strategy-as-Practice (SAP) research lies the focal phenomenon they share – strategy, which manifests itself in a variety of ways: intended, realized, deliberate, emergent, unrealized, and ephemeral strategy.

We present a methodology comprised of three stages that, when integrated in the manner we suggest, permit a rich operationalization and tracking of strategy content for all manifestations. We illustrate the utility of our methodology for bridging SP and SAP research by theorizing practices that are more likely to give rise to unrealized and ephemeral strategy, identifying their likely consequences, and presenting a research agenda for studying these transient manifestations.

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